Southampton’s most eligible bachelor: HEAT TWO

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Bachelor One: Mondell Williams

He was nominated with this description: He’s studying third year history, is the biggest BNOC on campus and an all round 10/10.

Bachelor Two :Kieran McLaughlin

Kieran was actually nominated a few times, here are the descriptions of this popular lad: He’s no chocolate teapot, very kind and caring guy who just wants to finally settle down in his third year amidst all the chaos that women have caused him.

This boy can charm any lady with his sweet smile and warm heart. One gaze into his eyes will have you lost in the ocean of blue. His luscious blonde locks that cascade down his strong jaw line are enough to compete with harry styles. If you want a bachelor, you’ve got the perfect one right here.

A real lady pleaser with a jawline carved by the Gods. Enjoys long evening walks through the commons whilst watching the sun set. ‘So many women, so little time’ a problem often encountered by Mr McLaughlin in his search for the one.

Whoever ends up with him is the luckiest girl. He’s such a catch, I’d be jealous of any girl lucky enough to be by his side. There’s just not enough of him to share with all the girls falling at his feet.

A cheeky chappy, could sweet talk a bee hive with a gentle heart and warm caress. Knows his way around the clubs of Southampton and can be spotted making a kill on a weekly basis!