Come write for the Soton Tab!

We want your opinions

The Soton Tab are always happy to welcome new writers, and this fresh academic year is no different.

We are Southampton’s biggest news site, with over 12,000 likes on Facebook and a reach that is 4 times the amount that all other Soton uni outlets get. So when you write for us, you can guarantee that more people will read your articles other than your mum and your nan.

Why write for us?

We cover all sort of stories, from news to features, sports to entertainment and lifestyle to politics. If you have an idea that you think relates to Soton, or anything to do with uni, then head over to the Soton Tab to share your idea. There is such a broad range of topics we publish, from passionate articles on feminism and body image, to voting for Soton’s best bums. You can really tailor your ideas to the Tab’s particular writing style.

The Soton Tab is autonomous and independent from the Union. This basically means that we are uncensored and are able to publish whatever we want (within reason lolz). So if you have a controversial opinion that you want to discuss, the Soton Tab is the perfect place for you.

You don’t have to be studying English to write for us, just an interest in writing and the ability to string a coherent sentence together pls. Writing for the Soton Tab is also a great to add to your CV, as it shows you did something at uni rather than down VK’s. It also adds to your writing experience if that is the industry you want to go into. The Tab also offer other opportunities such as work experience and internships, so your career at the Tab doesn’t have to stop at uni writer.

Get bevvy with us

On the social side of things, we really are a great bunch. That’s not even an exaggeration, we’re a bloody delight. The Soton Tab team go on plenty a social, and get plenty a plastered. You may even get treated to a cheeky VIP treatment. And if that doesn’t make you want to write for the Soton Tab, I don’t know what will.

You can apply to write for us here.