Dom Baker
Political Editor

SUSU admit there ‘was ambiguity’ surrounding some of the evidence that disqualified Henry Hill from SU presidential race

SUSU said in a joint statement that the election processes in place should be “fairer” and “more transparent”

‘I can fit fourteen pennies in my belly button’: Fleur MacInnes is running for VP Welfare & Community

She says mental health is key

‘I’ll find a cute dog to celebrate with’: Laura Elizabeth Barr is running for VP Welfare and Community

She says sexual consent is key to her campaign

‘They definitely want to fire me’: Soton lecturer in necrophilia row speaks out

Justin Murphy reached out to The Tab for an exclusive interview

Man arrested after drug raid on Gordon Avenue

Hide your stash lads!

What’s scarier than the ice caps melting? These Soton Clubbers of the Week ya dummy!

Have you made it?

10 things you’ll only understand if you were in Glen Eyre

Listen up Glen Eyre gang

Lecturer who compared abortion to necrophilia asks for donations so he can continue to publish his work

He was given a 30-day suspension

Southampton University the target of ‘global phishing email attack’

Don’t follow the suspicious links in your email

Soton Vice-Chancellor, Sir Christopher Snowden, announces retirement

Snowden joined the university in October 2015

What will happen to Erasmus+ if there’s no Brexit deal?

All quotes are taken from

Southampton shooting leaves woman injured

Police were called to Cuckmere Lane, Southampton

Paramedics, police and firefighters called to Westquay

Woman threatens to jump from car park

Law firm to hold meeting public meeting at Mitre

They encourage students to attend on 21 May

Law firm to pursue legal action against University

The firm Leigh Day is to fight for reimbursement

Southampton University has not paid their staff this month due to a ‘payroll issue’

Could be an accident?

Southampton Uni to strike for at least five more days

16-20 April

The Rolling Stones are coming to Southampton

If you can’t get no satisfaction during exams

Strikes are expected to be called off

After an agreement has been reached

University strikes: how far is it going to go?

UCU threatens 14 more days of strikes