The best places to cry in Southampton

It’ll get better

We all need a little weep every now and then. Here are the raddest places in Soton to shed a tear in style:

5th floor of the library

Ah, the elusive fifth floor of the library. So quiet you can hear the internal cries of every student cramming for their exam the next day. If you fancy a muffled sob, check this one out. Just remember to bottle your tears afterwards – there’s only bottled water allowed on this floor.

It’s just all too much

Aldi carpark

You’ve been rejected from Sobar. You power on, determined to not let the one too many bevs stop you from getting into Jesters. You pass Chick-o-land, where the weak ones devour their fried chicken. You’re not here for the immediate gratification, you’re here to PARTY. Then, when hope is at it’s highest, you get the shake of the head from the snugly dressed bouncer, as if you’ve just been told that your poorly Nan isn’t going to make it through the night. Your dreams are dashed. You run off and find yourself both physically and emotionally in the Aldi carpark. The only place where you can scream into the abyss and demand answers from the Lord, WHY GOD WHY. The Aldi carpark; a place for tears and forgotten 5p bags.

The lift in Ocies 

Only for VIP’s and VEP’s (very emotional people). This is the perfect place to have a quickie cry. But make sure to wipe your eyes and sassily strut out of those opening doors before anyone thinks twice.

4th floor of library 

Just as silent as the fifth floor, but rammed with way more people. Good luck actually finding a seat to cry in, it’s already filled with people who have lost the will to live.

The bean bags in the Union building

This is the perfect place to cry when you want to be swallowed up by torn fabric. No one else will notice as half of them are napping after a heavy sesh and half of them are crying just like you. If you fancy a wallow in polysteryne, this is the spot for you.

3rd floor of library 

The third floor corridor is out of bounds to any of you, apart from those who wish to have a complete breakdown.

Boldrewood campus

Who goes there? No-one, that’s who. If you need to shed a tear with a) literally nobody around b) people you don’t care about bursting into hysterical tears in front of, go have a sob.

Middle of Bedford Place

Drunk or sad? Probably both. No one will ever be able to tell the difference. Also no one will take a blind bit of notice of you, and you’ll be politely asked by the bouncers to vacate the premises.

2nd floor of library

The rowdiest area of the library. If you’re desperate for some sympathy, go for it,  but be wary of people more interested in their deadlines than your troubles. If you’re looking for a safer spot, venture towards the printing area of the second floor and get your cry on.

The common 

Peaceful. Tranquil. If you want to be at one with nature and immerse yourself in emotion, here’s your best bet. There’s also lots of doggos to cheer you up afterwards.

pups make everything better

1st floor of library 

Where the cool kids come to study, procrastinate and lose the will to live; one egg and cress sandwich at a time.