Just a list of things that every single Soton student has said

We all own a pair of bloody jesters’ shoes

jesters oceana ocies sobar soton Southampton Student switch

“I’ve had a tiring day…I deserve getting the U2B back to Glen.”

“Another quadvod won’t hurt…”

“Don’t leave me in Ocies cos I’ll never see you again”

“I’m in Switch VIP”…”Where?”

“What’s in a jesticle?”

“I need to get new jesters shoes”

“I ended up on Alma Road at 5am last night”

“I’m singing Robbie Williams at karaoke tonight”

“What time is the safety bus?”

“Come with me to the two-bicle”

“Let’s see Annie Mac”

“Us. is a shit rebrand name”

“Grad ball was a disappointment ngl”

“Brunch at Trago?”

“What you wearing to Itchy feet?”

“Let me try and message Becky Jane from Sobar”

“Take an aesthetical pic of me in the common pls”

“I’m at Boldrewood today”…”Where?”

“Does this bus go to Ocies?”

“I can’t wait till we get into Jesters I need to pee now”

“I’ll meet you on the Red Brick”

“The Tab is shit”

“Has anyone been to the Edge?”

“Who is Lucy and why is she so Juicy?”

“Let’s not go to Parfait”

“Who is the Rat man?”

“I have a 9am but fuck it, let’s go Jesters”

This is no dancefloor, this is hell

“Cba, just gonna Uber to Aldi”

“I’m only going to Ocies for the maccies after”

“Are you bringing gum to Switch”

“Where is the Maths building”

“Why are there locals in Stags”

“I need to get a banana for Ocies”

“I miss the old SUSU”

“You know Bencraft is opposite the crematorium”

“There’s legit mould in my room, lol awks”

“Shall we do text a toastie lol”

“Can we leave the club I fancy a custard cream from the Christian Union”