All the struggles of having a long distance relationship at uni

Fuck you National Express

It’s either one million pounds for a single train ticket or a 24 hour coach journey

You’re desperate to see each other, but you’re also poor. This means you may have to wait legit months to get a journey that a) doesn’t max out your overdraft or b) have you sitting on a coach that should be 1 hour but is actually 7 hours because it makes a detour to Slough (why?).

tru luv

You’re jelly of your friends with their bf/gf at uni

Inevitably, you start to get envious. Your friends can see their bf/gf all the time and whenever they want, but you’re stuck with a couple of nights together every few weeks at best. On the bright side, at least you don’t get under each other’s feet or become that couple.

You haven’t seen each other for weeks, you’re finally reunited, and you’re on your period


You’re constantly checking your phone

Your main source of contact is iMessage and snapchat, which means you’re always waiting on your phone to see if they’ve replied. Seconds feel like minutes, minutes feel like hours until you see their little name pop up. Or you’re sitting there until you’ve clocked that they’ve actually aired you, lol.

Having to plan months in advance

Trying to find a weekend that you can both do, that fits in with work/essays is legit stress. You have to know what your schedule weeks in advance just to fit in a couple of nights


Sometimes it’s a lil bit shit but it’s still worth it.