I sent a pic of myself in a hideous dress to my male friends and these were their reactions

You guys are too nice for your own good

One Saturday morning, my mother came into my room to show me a fancy dress she wore approximately 25 years ago. I then put on said dress, and had the urge to send a picture of myself in the dress to every single person I know. After sending it to one friend, joking that I wanted to wear it to a summer ball, I expected a reply laughing about how ridiculous I looked. But, he actually complimented me and said the dress looked nice.

I guessed, and was confirmed right, when I sent the same picture to my female friends who out rightly (and quite rightly) informed to how ugly the dress was on me. So I thought, do my male friends genuinely think I look nice (I’m aware that fashion and beauty are subjective, but please take a look at the dress), or are they just being polite in fear of upsetting me? I decided to experiment, and the rest is history.

Disclaimer: I’ve been informed that this dress was extremely fashionable at the time. My mum did look quite lovely in it in ’93, but it just doesn’t have the same effect in the 21st century.

The dress in question


Some were overly complimentary, questionably so


Some are just downright liars


Some were more analytical


Some clearly were a little lost for words


Some thought I looked like a cartoon


Some need a reality check


Some clocked


Some were shocked

Some thought I was dressed for the occasion


Some had their own fashion preferences


Some were bewildered, but still didn’t want to disappoint


Some were outright blunt


Some thought I looked like a joke


And some clearly just wanted to be nice