11 random things you need to know if you’re starting at Northumbria Uni in September

If you’re not currently a karaoke fan, three Thursday nights in you will be.

So judging by the fact you’re reading this article, you’ve got into Northumbria University, congratulations! (That or you’re just nosey, we don’t blame you).

You’re probably wondering what life at Northumbria will actually be like, so here’s a look at the real experiences you’ll have day in day out.

1. Best get used to it now – whenever someone asks what uni you go to and you say Northumbria, you’ll have to clarify that it’s located in Newcastle

It’s the sort of university people have heard of, but don’t really remember why. If there’s an awkward silence, best just plug it by telling people Victoria Pendleton studied here in  2002.

2. If you’re not currently a karaoke fan, three Thursday nights in you will be

Because where else is it socially acceptable for over a hundred tipsy students to scream out: “All I Want for Christmas is You” in October. Thursday night, Habita, be there. Actually while we’re on the subject, never turn down an offer to go to Habita. It’s mint.

3. The on-campus shop is a rip off, but you will deffo rely on it for lunch at least once a week

Convenience costs, but sometimes it’s worth paying the extra quid when you just can’t be bothered to walk into the centre of town for a meal deal. To be honest, the food’s pretty decent, and they normally have enough creme eggs to last from October through to May so there’s a major bonus.

4. Few people actually study at City Campus East, but you will ALL take Instagram pics there pretending you do

The privileges of seeing “CCE” on your timetable are usually reserved for law, business, and fashion students. So if you’re lucky enough to be assigned a lecture in the aesthetic wonderland of City Campus East you should make the most of it. For most of us though, we’ll probably visit every time we need a cute pic for Insta.

5. Newcastle students will claim that The Five Swans is disputed territorial waters. They’re wrong. It’s ours

Sorry but it’s just a fact. Newcastle students seem to think going once a week makes it their local, but they don’t understand, there’s Northumbria students that practically live in that pub.

6. Joking aside, no one actually cares if you’re from Newcastle or Northumbria

The likes of poly vs posh make it easy to think there’s a big rivalry between Newcastle and Northumbria, but there really isn’t. At the end of the day the whole city is great (even if we do say so ourselves) no one cares which university you go to.

Quite frankly our minds are occupied by much more important battles, like Greggs vs Pret-A-Manger or whether you’re officially lazy if you ride the metro from West Jesmond instead of walking.

7. Lovaine and Claude Gibb are called “the prison” for a reason

Are they good value for a tight student budget? Yeah. But let’s just say if you’re looking for luxury you’re in the wrong place. If you’ve landed yourself a place in one of these halls, our thoughts and prayers are with you x.

8. If you’re in Trinity Square, make sure to pack those walking boots because campus is beyond a trek away

Every Monday morning you’ll cling to those extra minutes in bed, claiming you can walk to uni in exactly half an hour. But it’s a lie, and you’ll know it. Now you have to choose between arriving to a lecture late looking like you’ve just done the London Marathon, or spend yet another fortune on a metro ticket.

9. The bottom floor of the library is pure vibes. But you will get no work done there

They’ve got a nice little shop and brightly coloured sofas, it’s academia’s answer to Digital Mondays. But seriously, don’t go down there if you’ve got a deadline, you’ll have wrote two and a half sentences in as many hours.

10. Alternatively, on the top floor you’ll get kicked out for breathing too loudly

Strictly reserved for the most extreme of introverts, you’ll feel like an intruder when you dare stray to the top floor in search of a book. You’ll feel like everyone’s watching you, but there not… unless you cough or sneeze, in which case prepare for heads to turn in sheer disgust.

11. Not owning a pair of flares is like social suicide at the moment

Because apparently the 70’s are back in. As long as we don’t have to return to leg warmers we’re not going to complain.

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