Casa Amor bombshell Jessica Spencer on Love Island 2024

Inside Casa bombshell Jessica’s vibey life when she’s not turning Ayo’s head on Love Island

I wouldn’t mind living like this x

Right now Love Island 2024 is getting into the thick of it with Casa Amor, and one Islander turning heads is Jessica Spencer.

Ahead of the villa, as we’ve seen, Jessica said she has her eyes on Ayo. She said that despite his connection with Mimii, she is going to get to know him and isn’t afraid of stepping on toes. I fear more drama is on the cards!

So, here’s everything you need to know about Jessica Spencer, the Casa Amor bombshell getting everyone talking during Love Island 2024.

Love Island 2024 Casa Amor bombshell Jessica is 25 and from London

Jessica is 25 and from London. “I don’t take myself too seriously and am good at going with the flow, but I only have a short time in Casa Amor so I am ready to find the one,” she said.

Ahead of the Love Island villa, Jessica was working as a fashion stylist

Right now, Jessica works as a fashion stylist. It looks as though she graduated from uni in Leicester in 2022.

She’s ‘funny, flirty and sassy’

When asked what kind of Islander she’s going to be on Love Island 2024, Jessica said: “I’m funny, flirty, sassy and ready to find love.” She said the number one thing she looks for in a partner is “good communication and honesty.” Jessica added: “They are both incredibly important traits to me.”

Fun fact about Jessica? “If you don’t like pasta, we can’t be a thing,” she said. “I could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Noted!

If her Instagram is anything to go by, Jessica has a very vibey life

Jessica’s Instagram makes it look as though she has the best life ever. She is always on holiday or in a bikini somewhere, and on the rare occasion she’s not, she’s out for dinner and drinks in London. She’s recently checked into locations such as Jamaica, Greece, the south of France, Portugal, Italy and Paris.

She’s also followed by Too Hot To Handle’s Emily Miller, who has been liking her posts for years, so maybe they’re friends!

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