Grace Jackson having cosmetic surgery before Love Island 2024

Grace has openly spoken about all the surgery and work she had done for Love Island 2024

She spent over £1,000 right before the villa

Grace Jackson has posted a TikTok where she shares all the details of the cosmetic work and procedures she had done ahead of the Love Island 2024 villa.

For work, Grace owns a social management agency called Social Clubhouse and one of her clients is Dr Rosh, who has gone viral before showing off his aesthetics and cosmetic work on Islanders and other reality stars. Surprise! He has since posted what he did with Grace before her stint in the villa.

Old pictures of Grace have emerged since she’s been on the show, so people have been talking about whether or not she’s had any work done. She’s been very open in the video, discussing the procedures.

Speaking to her doctor, when asked what she wanted done ahead of the Love Island villa, Grace said: “Definitely tear trough [filler], I’ve not had that done for over a year now so I feel like that really needs doing. I think maybe a little bit [of filler] in my chin, you know how we just round it off? I don’t know what you think about lips, they’ve not been done for over a year. They’ve lasted really well. I over line them, so without lip liner I don’t know if they just need a little bit more.”

Grace went on to say she has had Botox in her forehead in the past, but wouldn’t need that topped up ahead of the villa as it’s still “fine” from her last top-up.

Her doctor then replied to say they did tear trough filler for Grace, as well as some filler in her chin and also in the cupid’s bow area of her lips.

Dr Rosh is based in Manchester, and according to his website tear trough filler costs £395, chin filler is £395 and lip filler also costs £395. So from this, it could be estimated Grace spent around £1,185 on fillers right before the villa.

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