So apparently Casa Amor bombshell Emma is the reason Teddy and Faye broke up?!

The Love Island 2021 couple were together for two years

So it’s been reported that Casa Amor bombshell Emma Milton was part of the reason Love Island 2021 couple Faye Winter and Teddy Soars broke up?! Guys, I need to sit down.

After leaving the villa Faye and Teddy were together for two years, but had a pretty messy breakup in 2023. At first Faye posted saying their breakup was a mutual decision “after lots of time and consideration” but then they went back and forth with cryptic messages on social media about one another.

It’s since been said that Faye found messages from someone else on Teddy’s phone, which has now been claimed to have been Casa Amor 2024 bombshell, Emma!

A source claimed to The Sun: “Faye and Teddy have both discussed how she found messages on his phone with another girl and that she struggled to deal with it. Emma was that girl. It’ll be hurtful for Faye to watch Emma now looking for love on the same show where she thought she’d found her own happy ever after.”

It’s not believed anything actually happened between the two of them, and a friend close to Emma added: “Nothing romantic or flirtatious ever took place between Emma and Teddy.”

Love Island couple Teddy and Faye

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On a podcast previously, Teddy has spoken about when Faye found messages on his phone. “My partner at the time had gone through my phone, found that message and had a problem with me messaging that person,” he said.

“At the time I thought to myself, is this just because I’ve messaged someone who my partner thinks is a good looking person, thinks is really pretty? Is this an ego thing? Or is this a situation where genuinely, in my partner’s heart of hearts, they don’t like the fact I’ve just messaged another female. I was trying to find the distinction between the two.

“And then I got to a point in my mind where I was like, it doesn’t matter that she went through my phone, it doesn’t matter that this person is displaying jealousy, it doesn’t matter I think I’ve just been completely harmless, what matter is I’ve done something wrong in this person’s eyes.”

In April 2023, Faye went a step further and name-dropped an “Emma” when discussing what happened between herself and Teddy. Speaking with fellow Islander Toby Aromolaran, Faye said: “We’re playing Guess Who, and I say ‘we’re not having Emma in your deck of cards’.”

Toby then asked: “Why?” Faye added: “Because I’ve been on the phone slyly and I’ve seen her.”

What on earth?!

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