Ranked: The longest Love Island relationships that still ended in a split

Some lasted YEARS and I’m still mourning!


I’m sorry to say it: It looks like we’re in a Love Island split era. Couples from all series are going their separate ways and all in honesty, I’m sad about it. Yes, some of these couples have been together a matter of weeks, but some of the couples who have split recently were among the longest standing relationships in Love Island history.

Paige and Finn broke up after three years, and Callum and Molly and Nas and Eva from the same series also ended things years later. Never forget 2021 couples like Faye and Teddy and Chloe and Toby who lasted years and then it was all over – my heart will never be over it. Here’s a rundown of the longest Love Island relationships to end in a split, and what happened between the couples.

13. Ekin-Su and Davide – 11 months

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2022 winners Ekin-Su and Davide split up 11 months after winning the show together, and tbh, none of us saw this coming. Davide said on Instagram: “Ekin-Su and I are no longer together. I am grateful for the memories and opportunities we shared together and I wish her nothing but the best. I would like for everybody to respect this decision during this difficult time. I will continue to support Ekin in anyway possible.”

The couple then got back together, but dramatically split once again. It’s all over for good now, following their messy second split.

12. Chloe and Toby – One year

Love Island couples who were together the longest but split

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Chloe and Toby from the 2021 series had moved in together and been an item for one year, before ending things. They lived in Essex, right down the road from Millie and Liam, but later moved out after it was reported it “hadn’t worked out between them.”

On her YouTube show, Chloe later revealed Toby dumped her, and said it was the “saddest time” in her life. She said she called her bestie Millie crying at the time, who then took her away on holiday.

11. Millie and Liam – One year

Love Island couples who were together the longest but split

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Love Island 2021 winners Millie and Liam have really kept us on our toes recently. After the show they moved into a huge house in Essex together, but a year later it was reported they’d broken up. It was said they had simply “grown apart”.

But now, they’re back together! Nine months after ending things, they’d apparently starting seeing each other again. They have since confirmed the news, and have been back posting as a couple.

10. Kady and Scott – One year

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Series two couple Kady and Scott were together for a year after the show in 2016. They moved in together, but broke up in 2017 after an “explosive row” at their home.

They’d been on and off a few times, but at the time of the final split, a source said: “Scott and Kady have split again. Their relationship was really fiery and they couldn’t stop arguing – they just weren’t getting on at all. They’re both really sad to split and obviously the timing makes it worse with it being the run-up to Christmas.”

9. Priscilla and Mike – 15 months

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Winter Islanders Priscilla and Mike ended their relationship after 15 months together. A source told the MailOnline: “Mike and Priscilla made the most out of their relationship and supported each other throughout their time post-villa and during lockdown. But it’s not worked out between them – and they’ve now decided they’re better off as friends.”

8. Rachel and Rykard – 18 months

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Season two couple Rykard and Rachel were together for 18 months before they announced it was over. “Rykard and I are no longer together, we have decided to go out separate ways but I wish him all the best with his future,” Rachel said at the time.

7. Rebecca and Biggs – 18 months

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Remember Biggs and Rebecca from the first winter series? They met during the 2020 show, but split up after 18 months.

They’re reported to have broken up because Rebecca was too much of a “party girl” for Biggs, and he wanted a family. The pair had reportedly moved in together during lockdown, but it ultimately didn’t work out.

6. Faye and Teddy – Two years

Love Island couples who were together the longest but split

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Faye and Teddy were together for two years, before having a pretty messy breakup in 2023. At first Faye posted saying their breakup was a mutual decision “after lots of time and consideration” but then they went back and forth with cryptic messages on social media about one another.

The pair left the 2021 villa, moved in together and then Teddy said he “had a voice again” after their relationship ended. Amid all the split talk, Faye said on Instagram she “wished she’d trusted her gut” about things, but neither Faye or Teddy have ever explicitly said what they mean.

5. Siannise and Luke T – Two years

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Winter 2020 Islanders Siannise and Luke T ending was a break up nobody saw coming, and yes, I’m still sad about it. There were loads of rumours circulating around the time they ended things – two years after meeting.

The pair stopped posting with one another, Siannise changed captions of pictures of them together and she liked a video about going through a breakup. Siannise unfollowed Luke on Instagram and was later pictured moving out of the flat they owned together.

4. Cally and Luis – Three years

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Cally and Luis met on the first series of Love Island, had a baby together, and then broke up after three years. Following the birth of Vienna Morrison-Beech in May 2017, they announced the next year they had split after “a string of rows”.

3. Paige and Finn – Three years

Love Island couples who were together the longest but split

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Paige and Finn, who won the show together in 2020, called time three years after getting together on the show. They had moved in together in Manchester, and spoke loads about their future together, before reportedly realising things between them “weren’t forever”.

2. Callum and Molly – Three and a half years

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After over three and a half years together, 2020 Islanders Molly and Callum were reported to have split up. “It’s really sad as they were a sweet couple together but it’s over – and has been for a few weeks,” a source told The Sun at the time.

“They’re trying to stay friends – they were together for over three years – but it’s difficult. I think in the end, Molly wanted to get engaged and that didn’t happen. Everyone was really surprised when they split as they were perfectly matched. He’s now moved out of the home they shared and they’ve split custody of their two dogs.”

The couple then appeared on Love Island: All Stars together, where they briefly coupled up, but spoke about being ready to move on, despite how difficult their break up was.

1. Nas and Eva – four years

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Nas and Eva from the winter 2020 series have had the longest relationship to come from Love Island, that has ended in a split.

“Unfortunately, Eva and I have decided to end our relationship,” Nas said on Instagram. “There is no bad blood or wrong doing – it was a mutual and completely amicable decision. We tried to work things out over the past couple of months but decided this was for the best, and are both at peace with the situation.”

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