All the heavy hints Millie and Liam dropped that they’re getting back together

We should have seen it coming!

Today it was reported Millie and Liam, who won Love Island 2021 together, are back on nine months after calling quits on their relationship. At first, we all screamed and were shook by the news, but on reflection, it was staring us in the face all this time.

The Love Island couple have been dropping heavy hints about their rekindled relationship a lot recently, whether that be on purpose or not. Their Instagrams have been telling, and even Millie’s bestie Chloe said something we all should have seen as the brightest flag they were back on.

Here’s a rundown of all the times Millie and Liam have hinted they’re getting back together.

Love Island stars Millie and Liam together

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Millie said she was dating someone new, but wasn’t ready to share who after the limelight ‘ruined’ the relationship before

Last week, Millie shared in a YouTube video that she is dating someone new, but because of how in the spotlight her previous relationship with Liam was, she didn’t feel ready just yet to let us know who the mystery guy is. Which all makes sense when you have the hindsight that the guy is actually Liam.

“There have been a lot of rumours, I am going to confirm that I am dating someone but I’m not ready to tell you guys yet,” she said. “It’s early doors and you experienced a whole full-blown, meeting someone, relationship on TV and then everything afterwards. As much as that was the best experience of my life – it is a lot when you have all eyes on you and your relationship.”

She concluded: “I don’t really want people to be involved in my personal relationship, it ruined things.”

And this came as Chloe said Millie’s type is ‘tall, dark and Welsh’

The biggest hint of them all came from fellow Love Island 2021 star Chloe, who on her new YouTube show said Millie’s ideal man right now is “talk, dark, handsome and Welsh”. She laughed as Millie asked her what she thinks her type is, and Chloe said “I don’t know if you’ll let me put this, but I’m putting it” as she wrote the answer down. SHE KNEW.

Liam’s mum has been commenting on Millie’s Instagrams again

The mums aren’t subtle. Sorry. Liam’s mum has been commenting on Millie’s posts again, which is the most heavy hint they’re back in each other’s lives again. I love it from her.

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Millie posted a ‘wholesome’ dump of her Easter weekend, which we now know was spent with Liam

One of the posts Liam’s mum commented on was a dump Millie posted of her “wholesome” weekend, which she reportedly spent with Liam on a romantic getaway. They spent the Bank Holiday in the Lake District, and suddenly Millie is back posting on Instagram pictures of her on long walks in the hills with the sheep, just like she used to do with Liam.

A source close to them has told MailOnline the couple have been talking again, meeting up in secret and are working through their previous issues. “Millie and Liam have been talking again, but it’s early days for them,” they said.

“They weren’t expecting to get back together after their breakup was so painful for them both, but months have passed, and they still couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Coming out of Love Island was a whirlwind and now they’re just looking to take things slowly and see if they can rebuild their relationship, which may take some time.”

They were spotted there, and also at a local Domino’s, getting dinner. An onlooker at the restaurant told The Sun: “They both popped in to pick up their takeaway. He was wearing a hoodie but she strolled in with her sunglasses on her head. Every Love Island fan in the place knew who they were – Liam’s name even came up on the screen with his order.”

Love Island stars Millie and Liam together

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Liam has previously said he and Millie will ‘find their way’ back to each other and ‘rekindle’

Ever since they broke up it’s looked as though there’s still love there, and Liam literally said he thought he and Millie would get together again the future. Five months ago, so just a few months after their split, Liam told a magazine he would never “rule out” getting back with Millie, even when he was set to appear on Celebs Go Dating.

“I definitely haven’t ruled it out because I know her morals and what she has, and that is something I would want in someone, in a wife,” he said, adding: “I need to concentrate on myself and if it’s meant to be, we’ll find our way back to each other.”

“Never say never, maybe one day in the future, we’ll rekindle,’ he added at the time. “But for now, I just need to do my own thing and be on my own path.”

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