Lydia Barker

Social Media and Section Editor

Lydia Barker
Newcastle University

Fashion, student lifestyle, student culture, guides, Newcastle Upon Tyne, features, student news, travel, literature, pop culture

  • Lydia is a Section-Editor at The Tab Newcastle, where she helps to manage the team of writers. She is also the TikTok editor, she creates relatable student content that frequently goes viral
  • Lydia is currently in her third year at university studying English Literature. Lydia is planning to land a career in Fashion Journalism, her dream role would be to work at Condé Nast and more specifically Vogue
  • Lydia completed a Fashion Journalism course at Condé Nast in 2023. At the end of the course each group created a Vogue issue and presented it to the other students. Lydia was responsible for choosing the cover girl, the interview, the fashion feature and the non-fashion feature


Lydia joined The Tab Newcastle in 2021 as a student writer in her second year, and has since gone on to become a Section-editor and the Tik Tok-editor


Lydia Barker attended Greenhead College and studied English Literature, Law and History. She went on to study English Literature at Newcastle University and is currently in her final year of the course. During her time at Newcastle Lydia has studied the likes of Freud, Wollstonecraft, Butler, Shakespeare and Homer


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