The eight best places to go in Newcastle for a girly cocktail night

Who doesn’t love a cocktail night?


With Newcastle’s nightlife being back open in full swing, everyone deserves a girly cocktail night.

A catch up is always guaranteed to be so much better with a cocktail in hand, and the choice of venue can totally make or break the night.

So, it’s only right that you know the eight best places for a cocktail night in The Toon that beat all the rest.

The Hancock

The Hancock, next to the Civic Centre, definitely needs to be on your list of bars to visit, especially if your girly night is Thursday-Sunday, as they have two-for-£8 cocktails on the menu.

The great student vibe and intimate beer garden make for the perfect venue, with the endless amount of disposables just waiting to be taken.

It’s super affordable and screams fun girls night. Plus, we love its originally named cocktails… our faves are, “Alright Princess”, a sweet cranberry number, and “Surfers Paradise”, which includes Jaegermeister (the best part of a Jagerbomb, of course).

97 & Social

A personal favourite, 97 & Social is the perfect location for a cocktail night. Whether it’s a last-minute affair or you just fancy keeping it local, the location is so ideal as you can find it at the top of Osborne Road.

With a sophisticated interior and a lovely beer garden at the entrance, this bar has a great social atmosphere. The cocktails are affordable but classy, from “Life’s A Peach” to “Tommy’s Margarita”, a spin on the classic margarita, with an extra kick that will make the girls night even better.


If you’re looking for more of a party night then Livello is the place to go, as it’s a bit more lively, and is the closest thing to a nightclub you can get without actually going to one. The vibes + the cocktails = just what the girls need after a long lockdown.

The dance floor provides more of an out out vibe, but this bar still keeps things classy. Located in the city centre, it’s the perfect place to go if you fancy the possibility of turning the cocktail night into a club night after as it’s very close to some of the best nightclubs the Toon has to offer.


Quattro defo has to make the list as it’s one of the bars down Osborne road which stays open the latest. Plus, it offers some unreal cocktails. If that’s not enough to persuade you to go, drink deals are offered nearly every day… with our fave being on Mondays, as you can order two for £8 Absolute Vodka cocktails to wash away the weekend’s hangover. You literally can’t complain.


If you fancy a more sophisticated vibe, Tokyo is the perfect destination for your girls night. The bar has a super boujee atmosphere and feels very premium, but luckily for us students, it has very affordable cocktails, meaning the night won’t be cut short by a crying bank account.

There’s also deals on between Sunday-Thursday, offering £5 cocktails. Our faves are “Match Maker”, which is an apple flavoured cocktail with a dash of Jägermeister or “Dragon Lake” which is a fiery cocktail with whisky and a touch of cherry bitters – but there’s so much choice, and there are drinks for everyone’s preference.

Cog and wheel

With their pun-loving cocktails, Cog and Wheel should be on your list of places to go for sure. ‘Kanye Zest’ and ‘Tinchy Cyder’ are only some of the options this hidden gem of a student pub has to offer. The beer garden at the entrance of the pub offers a relaxed vibe, whilst inside is more lively. Plus, they love to keep you on your toes, introducing new cocktails regularly.

Cog and Wheel is a great place to have a drink or two especially if you’re looking for a more toned-down affair. It’s perfect for pres to so if you have uni the next day or want to party the night away, this pub is located in Sandyford so it’s close to home or a night out on the Toon.

The Carriage

A more unknown, unique place for a great cocktail night is The Carriage. Located just off of Jesmond Road, it is a small yet energetic pub, which used to be the Old Jesmond railway station.

This theme is carried throughout the pub, with hints to its historical past all around, so if you’re looking for more of a quirky venue this is definitely the place for you. The cocktails served are mainly the classics from an Espresso Martini to an Aperol Spritz, but if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Osborne Road and the City Centre, then The Carriage is the perfect stop.

Jam Jar

We’re sure you’ve heard of Jam Jar, a small independent bar located in the middle of Jesmond. With it being in the local area for most Newcastle students, it means that you don’t have to order an Uber or taxi to venture into town, meaning more can be spent on drinks and perfect for a boujee cocktail night.

The original classic cocktails are beautifully made and the student atmosphere makes for more of a casual evening if that is what you’re going for. You’re bound to bump into all your Jesmond pals so it’s the perfect place to go if you’re open to making it a spontaneous night out.

Also, a new cocktail menu is on the way, so be sure to be the first one to taste the new drinks.

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