Joshua Aitken
I'm Josh, I'm thrilled to be leading the team as Co-Editor-In-Chief for The Newcastle Tab this year. I'm studying Media and Journalism over on the dark side at Northumbria University and I'm passionate about politics, comedy and food... I'm basically the living personification of BBC 2. I'm a proud Geordie and fully committed Christian with a love for everything Marvel. I'm also a textbook case study of a Friends addict and still like to delight in the delusion that loving fairy lights makes me different from any other student on campus. I've got my eyes firmly set on political journalism in the future, and hope to one day outgrow the nickname "Josh the Journalist" oh-so-teasingly coined by my friends.

Jesmond resident who poured disinfectant on urinating men praised in ASB Facebook group

Because how else would you try to calm tensions over local anti-social behaviour, if not by committing minor assault?

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Newcastle University ranked 15th worldwide for sustainability efforts

The Vice-Chancellor was pleased but not finished yet: “We are not complacent…”

Exclusive: Northumbria mental health referrals plummet during pandemic

University leadership ‘not concerned’ over the fall in numbers

‘It may be tempting, but please don’t’: Students warned against Paddy’s Day parties

Students could be fined up to £10,000

Northumbria Students without heating or hot water on coldest night in over 60 years

Residents at Trinity Square had to bathe themselves in sinks and share blankets between flats

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Northumbria University gives guidance on testing and Christmas departures

Testing will reportedly start in just over two weeks

Northumbria Uni staff are demanding the Vice-Chancellor’s resignation

The UCU Branch of Northumbria are also balloting staff members over potential strike action.

Tyneside Cinema management resign following sexual assault outrage

Three months after over 200 staff, past and present, condemned their negligence, management makes their announcement

Northumbria Uni locks down campus after major cyber-attack

Students have experienced disruption to assessment submission deadlines

Newcastle University reverse decision to cancel exams for medical students

Students have now been told they will have assessments

Greggs to re-open some Newcastle stores from 4th May

As if you weren’t missing the Toon enough…

Northumbria’s ‘no detriment policy’ means your grades can’t go below your current average

Get that prossecco poppin’ you’ve just passed the year

Northumbria are offering to cancel rent payments for students who have moved out

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