Suns out Sambas out: These are the most ‘rah’ outfits you’ll see this summer in the Toon

The white linen trousers are the basic Jesmond girlypop summer uniform x

We may be in the trenches which is exam and deadline season in the Toon right now, but there is always time to procrastinate uni work with summer plans. If you are internally crying about having to swap a Casa night out, or £2 Tuesday for an all-nighter in Phil Rob, sometimes you just need to feel put together doing it. If you want to impress the hub of Hinge matches on Marj floor one, or need some inspo for the Osborne Road of all Osborne Road trips after exam season, from one basic Jesmond girlypop to another, here are some ‘rah’ outfits you can expect to see in the Toon this summer…

Linen trousers (or literally anything linen) 

I’m tempted to write my dissertation on the power white linen trousers have over girls in Jesmond. If it’s a sunny day and you’re not wearing your urban linen trousers ( extra points if your linen trousers are from a charity shop or Depop) are you even a certified Newcastle Uni Jesmond girlypop? Not only are they comfy, but they go with so many things and instantly make you feel more put together and summary…

The Schoffel to Ralph Lauren linen shirt swap 

For the ‘rah’ boys of Jesmond, if one of your Hinge pictures isn’t you in a Ralph Lauren linen shirt I’d think about deleting the gap ‘yah’ highlights from your insta story. Were you even in Leazes in first year?

There will of course also always be someone still trying to wear their North Face…

Tom Trunks 

“Rah Monty, have you seen that Tom Trunks has brought out a new collection?”


They are still the shoe of the season. The “rah”girlypops typically have them in an array of colours and honestly, who can blame them, they are cute, comfy and practical.

Micro mini skirts & baby tees 

Over 14 degrees is considered warm in Casa del Jesmond, so the mini skirts and cute tops come out in full force. Expect to see an array of urban baby tees on Osborne Road this summer. 


I’m really jealous of you if you can pull these off and not look like you’re wearing denim fishing shorts. 

And lastly….. 

The infamous gap ‘yah’ trousers 

For when you are trying to be not like the others when collecting your summer sweet treat from Tesco.

“Did you know I got these trousers in Bali when I was finding myself?”

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