Owning Manhattan on Netflix: Ok, so just how rich is big boss Ryan Serhant?

Let’s be honest, it’s all we care about

Alert! There’s a new property show on Netflix! This one is called Owning Manhattan, and is all about Ryan Serhant and the business in New York that has earned him his huge net worth.

Because yes, surprise surprise, it’s another show where everything and everyone is mega rich. But that’s why we love these shows, isn’t it?

So as you prepare to become obsessed with everything Owning Manhattan, let’s ask the big questions: What is the net worth of the main man himself, Ryan Serhant? Here’s what you need to know about him, plus if his life is as luxury as the places he sells.

Owning Manhattan Ryan Serhant

via Netflix

Who is Owning Manhattan boss Ryan Serhant?

Ryan Serhant is a real estate broker, with a team of agents who sell mega fancy and expensive homes across the Manhattan area of New York. His company is called Serhant, original I know, and he set up the brokerage in 2020. Ryan is 39, and this isn’t the first time he’s been on reality TV.

Ryan appeared on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York from 2012. He was on the show, which also focuses around selling the most luxurious homes in new York, for nine seasons, until 2021. He’s appeared on a number of other shows, including Sell It Like Serhant, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Ca$h Cab and Celebrity Family Feud.

He’s also done spin-offs of the shows he’s appeared on, such as Million Dollar Listing: Ryan’s Renovation, Million Dollar Listing New York: Ryan’s Wedding, and he appeared in an episode of Real Housewives of New York City. He gets around!

Owning Manhattan Ryan Serhant

via Netflix

What is the net worth of Ryan Serhant?

Due to his work as a broker and a TV personality, Ryan Serhant has built up a very impressive net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is currently worth a huge $40million. So yes, he puts his money where his mouth is.

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