Suits, swimwear and six packs: A Look at Northumbria’s Fashion Show

Provocative, risqué and lots of fun

Northumbria University hosted its first ever fashion show back in April to raise money for Young Minds Charity, who support many who struggle with mental health, including students. There were many beautiful things about Northumbria’s first ever fashion show – from music to models, the event was a hit.

Set in Northumbria’s SU, circular tables were carefully placed around the room so that everyone had an enjoyable viewing experience, one in which you can liaise with those on your table and sink in to the sociable atmosphere.

Madonna’s “Material Girl” acted as the opening music to the appearance of a dozen breathtakingly beautiful models. They strutted onto the stage in unison, each posing at the end of the catwalk, sending the audiences into screams and whistles of awe.

One of the volunteer models, Lola, felt “really confident and empowered” which was helped by the fact that the people around her were “so kind and helped boost our confidence”.

Tied By Tide was the first brand to be showcased, kick starting the spring season as they teased spectators by showing a considerable amount of skin.

The boys followed, swaggering onto the stage to exhibit Ben’s Buckets. Handshakes and comedic double acts were exchanged between the models, sending the audience into flurries of hollers and laughter. Support radiated from spectators, adding a wholesome vibe to such a glamorous event.

The interval allowed audiences a chance to grab a drink at the bar, try out the photo-booth and apply for raffle tickets before Northumbria Dance made an appearance. Attracting attention back to the stage, they gave a spectacle of a performance; flipping, spinning and moving around the stage in impressive unison, which had viewers clapping along to the music.

The end of the second half was equally as memorable. The female models fashioned nothing but lingerie, entering to the whistles and drool of audience members as well as music. If that wasn’t enough, the next brand to be worn was Budgy Smugglers. Outfits consisted of only tight fitted swimwear, much to the audiences delight.

Skimpy clothing was definitely a recurring theme of the night x

A highlight was the partnership with Barbour; models donned wellies and the famed Barbour jackets to walk the runway. The audience were stunned as two models took center stage, ripping open their jackets to reveal lingerie and six packs. The dichotomy between the outdoor apparel and intimates were both stylish and charming.

Although luxury brands such as Moss Bros and Barbour were displayed at the event, the organisers also gave a chance for independent companies, namely Sweet Cheeks, to shine. The inclusivity didn’t end at brands, welcoming everyone of all body types to volunteer.

The runways were accompanied with nostalgic tunes; from noughties pop to eighties classics, the recognisable music hooked and hyped the audience who gleefully clapped and sung along.

Even after all the models strutted their stuff and took their final bows, the entertainment did not cease. The hilariously erotic raffle took place, consisting of various gag gifts and sexy memorabilia including candy bras and condoms. The winners were whistled and cheered as they collected and showed off their risqué prizes.

If that wasn’t enough, Toon icon Ross Clough graced the stage behind his decks as all models and (slightly) tipsy guests all joined him on stage. As usual, Ross mixed trending dance hits which had the whole room busting a move.

A round of applause for the president, Emily Sutton, for creating this visual experience for the students of Northumbria and Newcastle University. The fashion society managed to raise over £3000 for charity.

Props to the organisers and the models, the event was highly inspiring xx

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