Ranked: The Love Islanders who came out the absolute worst after the Casa Amor recoupling

Message for Ayo: Get out of my sight!

There was a lot of hype building up the the 2024 Love Island Casa Amor recoupling episode. Obviously, there is always hype for this episode because it’s one of the most dramatic moments of the show every year without fail, but the build up to this year’s promised Maya Jana in floods of tears and dramatics across the board. And for once, the show didn’t majorly let us down – there were some really emotional moments peppered in with some vile behaviour that had you shaking your head and tutting at the villa on the telly. Here’s a ranked rundown of the Love Island Islanders who came out looking the worst and the best after the extremely explosive Casa Amor recoupling of 2024.

First of all, the good eggs!

I just really want to shout out these three Islanders, who I really like and wish the very best to.


Just wow. What a class act this girl is. She has been nothing but iconic every step of her Love Island journey, and despite attempts to villainise her towards the start of the series she has been really true to herself and always been on the right side of history. She handles everything with such grace and I love how she’s got everyone’s back. Despite the fact her and Mimii had whatever going on a the start of the series, look how amazing she was with her? Just adore her.



Whilst I find Nicole tiresome and possessive, I think Ciaran is such immaculate vibes. Everything about his carryon last night was warm. I loved his little interaction with Maya. A really good soul.


Never in my entire career of being a Love Island viewer have I ever wanted to reach out and hug an Islander like last night. Just grim, upsetting scenes. I have no clue how she handled it all with such poise and decorum. Amazing and inspirational, actually. She deserves the best and someone who sees how amazing she is.

The 5 worst Casa Amor recoupling Islanders: RANKED

5. Wil

Wil is actually my fittest man in the villa, really like him and he and Uma are my winners. But my god… The hurt you caused my girl last night I can not forgive. Why did he act like he had to do anything in Casa? Don’t like it one bit.

4. Jess

I want to like Jess cause she does keep it real and I like direct and honest people – and she’s from my hometown so when she gets misunderstood a lot by the general public I don’t read her as aggy or bully-like as some viewers do. But my god, the girl is cringe. The entire thing with Tre was cringe enough but then she just doesn’t know when to not pipe up. And it always gets toe curling.

3. Matilda

At first, I thought Matilda really handled the fact Sean had been cracking on with other girls in Casa Amor well. She was like, well it happens but that’s what it’s all about. But then she started getting nasty towards the girls who didn’t get picked, with no regard to their feelings, and made comments like she was better than them because Sean chose her and it came across so badly. I was shocked. Just bad form.


2. Sean

The sweets references. The fucking sweets references. I am actually so tired. When Ciaran just closed his eyes and shook his head I’ve never felt more seen. And that was just the beginning. Have I imagined this or was there genuinely a moment when he went “you’re meant to be a fizzy watermelon” or something? I zoned out. I want this man to be no more.

1. Ayo


Just could not believe the scenes. Heartbreaking. I can’t imagine anyone making me throw something away like Ayo did with Mimii at Casa. I hope he and Jessica are really happy and I sincerely mean that because if you’re going to break Mimii so hard that she had to practically fall to her knees outside the front door of the villa to take a moment then at least make it worthwhile with someone special. He’s that guy we knew he was.

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