‘He’s not as genuine as we think’: The dumped Casa Islanders spill their villa truths

One boy said despite being dumped, he still thinks he has a chance in the real world with one of the girls

It’s all change on Love Island 2024, as Casa Amor has come to an end and now the new Islanders are moving into the main villa. The huge recoupling was full of drama and shocks, with some staying loyal and others ditching their previous partners.

It was a recoupling for the ages, with lots of gasps, dumped Islanders having their moments to spill some tea, and even a few tears from Maya Jama herself.

Here’s what all the dumped Casa Amor 2024 Islanders have to say now their time on Love Island is over.

Sean had a couple of girls thinking he’d choose them

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We saw sweets man Sean get to know a few girls in Casa, despite being coupled up with Matilda. Now, a couple of the Casa girls are quite confused about not being picked by him in the recoupling.

Ruby said: “Sean had pulled me for a chat and I was pleasantly surprised by him and from that we got to know each other. I’m one of those people that once I’ve got my eyes set on someone I’m quite tunnel vision, I wanted to get to know him as best I could and focus all of my efforts on him. Sean got to know Diamanté as well, he was like a kid in a sweet shop!”

Diamanté echoed this, and when asked if she was surprised she wasn’t chosen, she said “I actually was” and added: “When Sean was giving his speech he said he was confused, and he was saying he found connections in Casa and as he was saying that I was thinking, ‘are we about to couple up?’ I think he chose the safe option to stick with Matilda.”

‘He’s not as genuine as we all thought’

To describe her time with and thoughts of Sean now, Diamanté said “it was very flirty and smiley from the beginning.” She added: “When I kissed him in the challenge that’s when everything went from 1-100 really quickly.

“He’s perhaps not as genuine as we all thought he was,” she said. Ummm, savage!

Love Island 2024 Casa Amor Islanders

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Lucy also thought Wil would chose her

Wil wasn’t exactly faithful to Uma during Casa Amor, and now bombshell Lucy has said she thought he would have brought her back afterwards. “There was a part of me that thought Wil would have chosen me…maybe he changed his mind at the last minute,” she said.

“He said I was his usual type and he was open to getting to know me and gave me loads of compliments, I was lured in! As a result I didn’t get to know other boys that I would have maybe got to know.”

Jake thinks he still has a chance with Matilda

Despite her staying loyal to Sean, Jake still thinks after the show he might have a chance with Matilda, who he was cracking on with during Casa.

“Matilda is obviously a loyal girl and respected her situation with Sean. If I was with Matilda before Sean, I think we could have progressed things further,” he said. “I think on the outside world if Matilda and Sean doesn’t work out, I think the book could still be open for us two.”

Love Island 2024 Casa Amor Islanders

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‘I had genuine feelings for Grace’

We were left on edge to see if Grace would bring back Blade or Moziah, and in the end she walked through the villa doors with Blade. Sadly though, Moziah has said he’s gutted, as he had built up real feelings for her during their time together.

He said: “It’s a shame to be leaving Casa Amor as I really enjoyed building a connection with Grace. I thought me and Grace had a good connection. I had genuine feelings for Grace.”

When asked if he is surprised Grace didn’t chose him, he added: “I was very surprised, I thought that Grace would choose me. We had a great kiss in the bedroom and started to build a connection. Blade showed his feelings for Grace first, so I assume that is why she chose him over me.”

Who do the Casa Amor 2024 Islanders think had the best connection moving forward in Love Island?

Love Island 2024 Casa Amor Islanders

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So, who do the Casa Islanders think will stand the test of time returning to the villa? From the girls, about the connections they saw, Ruby said: “Jess and Ayo, from the get go it was so natural. They couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off each other, they were amazing together.”

Lucy also thought the best connection was between “inseparable” Ayo and Jessica, and said “the spark was there right away with them.” Diamanté thought the best connection was Trey and Ellie “because it was instant, I’m rooting for them.”

From the prospectibe of the boys, they all thought the best connection was Hugo and Jess. Jake said: “They cracked on the first night, shared a bed, had the whole experience and it worked out very well for them both.”

Moziah also said they “hit it off straight away and Hugo put all his eggs in one basket. He made his intentions known and you could tell he wanted to be with her.” Joel and Lionel also agree, and Joel said “everyone could see it at Casa Amor” that they had a great connection.

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