General Election results night memes

This roundup of the best General Election results night memes proves the UK is unserious

The returning officer for Blyth stole the show tbh

If you aren’t staying up into the forbidden hours of the night to watch the general election results night then I’m not sure what you’re playing at. It is one of the most delirious nights you can ever have in the five year term we have between elections, and whilst the coverage alone on the various TV channels is always bedlam – the general election results night memes on Twitter are the real focal point of truly how crazy the politics in this country are, and how funny the disaster after disaster makes people. From the chaos of what Channel 4 had going on last night with the fuming Nadine Dorries to everyone’s obsession with the returning officer for Blyth – here’s a rundown of the best General Election results night memes.

1. I can’t even be arsed trying to explain this

2. Why did she have to slay so hard?

3. The constant chaos of UK politics is just mesmerising

4. I feel corpse like

5. I don’t get how she ate everyone up like that

6. It’s not too late @ KEIR STARMER!

7. Why was it booting off so hard!?

8. Don’t mess with the Reeves bob


10. Get your feet off Scotland right now Jeremy Vine

11. I am howling

12. I actually couldn’t take it


14. Just spat my coffee out

15. All rise for our next prime minister

16. Ed! Get doon!

17. Rustic and beautiful 

18. Uhh… Grandma?

19. See you all again in five years then!

It’s just been endless chaos the entire campaign.

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