Ciaran ex girlfriend before Love Island 2024

Ciaran’s pre-Love Island ex has been revealed and shares he has a secret tattoo of her name!

Who’s going to tell Nicole?

The ex girlfriend of Love Island 2024 cast member Ciaran Davies has been revealed, and it turns out he has a secret tattoo of her name. He didn’t mention that to Nicole!

Ciaran has spoken a lot about his exes whilst in the villa, from revealing his body count of over 120 girls, to messaging Casa Amor bombshell Ellie before the show. But one prominent ex is a girl called Evie-May Bishop, who is believed to be the only other person apart from Nicole who he has said “I love you” to.

Nicole and Ciaran have had their fair share of bumps, but stayed loyal after Casa Amor and are now one of the strongest couples in the villa. However, I’m sure if she sees his tattoo she’ll be repeating “who the f*ck is Emma?!” but this time with “who the f*ck is Evie-May” as she reads the ink on him. Yikes.

Ciaran previously dated Gloucester-based student Evie-May, and a source told The Sun: “Ciaran and Evie were together for under a year in 2022. They met each other’s families and went on a luxury holiday to Rhodes, as well as race days together.

“Unfortunately, they split because of the distance. It was just so hard for them to maintain a relationship. She’s a student who lives in Gloucester and works with horses at the weekend and he’s a surveyor in the week, with rugby practice most weekends.”

Evie has now been revealed, and she’s a prominent TikToker. She has over 27k followers, and still has some posts up from back when she was dating Ciaran.

In one post, which seems to be from their holiday together, Evie was showing off a tattoo Ciaran got of her name. The video is captioned: “@ciarandavies2 my MCM #fyp #boyfriend #holiday.” In it it looks as though Ciaran has the tattoo on his hip, and it reads “Evie-May.”

Obviously, everyone in the comments has lost their minds. One person said: “Omg Ciaran from Love Island has her name tatted on him.” Another added: “OHHH DEAR.”

Who’s going to tell Nicole, then?

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