Keir Starmer first days prime minister

Here’s exactly what Keir Starmer will be getting up to during his first few days as prime minister

The removal vans are already clearing Rishi’s stuff out

Keir Starmer won the election last night for the Labour Party – the first victory in 14 years, ending Tory rule over the country. It’s a big night and big change ahead, but what exactly does the first day for Keir Starmer look like as prime minister? Does he get to celebrate the win or is it straight to work? Does he have an awkward crossover with Rishi Sunak as they both carry their air fryers in and out of 10 Downing Street? Here’s a look at what the first days will look like for Keir Starmer as he heads in as the new prime minister.

Friday July 5th

The day goes as such. Rishi Sunak leaves Downing Street and makes a departing statement.

After that, he went to Buckingham Palace to hand in his resignation to the King – a funny process to me considering Sunak did not resign, but lost and has to go. A more apt wording would be: He goes to tell the King he’s been sacked.

Whilst Sunak is doing all that, Keir Starmer spends the start of his first days as prime minister preparing to go see the King right after Rishi and asks to form a government. He gets a handshake and then there we are. Bam. He’s prime minister.

Keir Starmer then goes to Downing Street and makes his first speech as prime minister. When the speech is done, the custom is that the prime minister will first be greeted by the cabinet secretary and the principal private secretary. Lord Robin Butler says after that “the staff of No 10 are lined up in the corridor, that long corridor down to the Cabinet Room, and they will clap.” Love the simple drama of “they will clap.”

No time to piss about, though – because then Keir Starmer goes straight into the cabinet room to get security and intelligence briefings. Immediately he’ll be handed the nuclear codes and write the letters of last resort for Trident missile subs.

Starmer will then start to get congratulations phone calls from world leaders. Former chief of Whitehall Lord Gus O’Donnell says “There will be countless telephone calls from world leaders wanting to congratulate him on his achievement, all of which will potentially provide opportunities for constructive dialogue.

“The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office will provide briefs to make sure none of these conversations are wasted. Meanwhile, the hapless private secretary will be wondering how to fit in calls from relatives in between, and how to screen out bogus ‘friends’.”

Over the first weekend

From the latter end of today and into the weekend, Keir Starmer’s time will be spent appointing cabinet ministers and leasing with other countries now he’s prime minister. The cabinet is expected to be the familiar faces you might anticipate – with Angela Rayner likely to be Deputy and Rachel Reeves making history as the first female Chancellor.

The removal team are already lugging Rishi’s stuff out


A removal van has been spotted heading into Downing Street after Rishi Sunak lost the election. Sir Keir Starmer will move into Number 10 later today, after being elected as Prime Minister 🗳️ #rishisunak #downingstreet #election #ukelection #news #conservatives #labour #uklabour #news

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