Jonathan Nørmølle on Owning Manhattan

So, what has Jonathan Nørmølle been up to since Owning Manhattan on Netflix?

Not being best mates with Ryan Serhant, that’s for sure

Owning Manhattan on Netflix gave us lots of drama, as all the good property shows do, and one person who found themselves at the centre of a lot of it was Jonathan Nørmølle.

Owning Manhattan is all about real estate mogul Ryan Serhant and his brokerage Serhant, original I know, that he set up in 2020. It sells luxury property all across the Manhattan area of New York.

At the end of the show’s first season on Netflix, Jonathan Nørmølle was dramatically fired from the brokerage – in scenes at the top of New York’s The Edge skyscraper. At the time it was said his firing was because he was caught bad-mouthing a colleague on the company’s podcast, and tarnishing the reputation of the business at the showing of a $10million property.

However, in some pretty explosive claims, Jonathan has said he staged his entire firing, just to get out of his contract. But, what is he up to now?

Where is Jonathan Nørmølle after Owning Manhattan?

After being fired, Jonathan Nørmølle has claimed Ryan Serhant has tried multiple times to get him to come back to the Owning Manhattan brokerage, which he of course hasn’t.

Jonathan has stayed in New York real estate, and is now a salesperson for Highline Residential. According to the company website, Highline Residential “is a young and vibrant brokerage built on excellence and a cross-disciplinary approach. Highline was started in 2012 in New York City by three principals with an elite educational background including Harvard, Brown, and MIT and professional backgrounds spanning real estate, finance, technology, banking, design, and construction.”

Jonathan has a profile on the company website which says his current role is as a team leader, “known for his outgoing personality, strong work ethic, complete discretion, and 24/7 availability.” It adds: “Specialising in luxury homes, new developments, and investment properties, Jonathan serves a diverse clientele, including crypto titans, artists, and celebrities both domestically and internationally.”

There are currently eight people working in his team, called Next Gen Team. As well as his work here, Jonathan also works as a model and is signed to Elite Models Miami. I don’t think he’ll be heading back to Serhant any time soon.

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