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This is what the Love Island series four cast are up to now

Well we all know what Adam Collard is doing


Love Island series four in 2018 was arguably the best season ever. Who could forget about Georgia being loyal? Or when the legend that is Megan Barton-Hanson entered the villa? And when Jack asked Dani what time her flight was? Iconic.

It may be years since Dani and Jack were announced as the winners, but thanks to Adam Collard’s arrival in the Love Island 2022 villa, it kinda feels like we’re straight back there. Since 2018, a lot of shit has gone down. Georgia lost a lot of money to a conman boyfriend, Wes has a record deal and Dani had a baby? Madness.

And so here’s what’s happened to the Love Island series four cast since they left the villa:

Dani Dyer

via Instagram @danidyerxx

Dani Dyer has definitely achieved the most out of all the islanders since leaving the villa in 2018. After she and Jack won, she designed an In The Style collection, wrote a disastrous book and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity.

Jack and Dani got their own three episode reality show after winning Love Island. However they broke up shortly before the episodes aired and then quickly got back together for promo and finally broke up for good a few months later.

Dani appeared in the stage version of Nativity alongside her dad and Sharon Osborne. Dani and her dad also presented True Love or True Lies on MTV back in October.

After her breakup with Jack Dani got back together with her boyfriend from before Love Island, Sammy and they announced they were expecting a baby. Dani gave birth to their son Santiago in 2021 and the couple broke up after Sammy was sentenced to three and a half years in jail after he was found guilty of scamming two elderly men. Since their breakup Dani has been dating footballer Jarrod Bowen.

Dani is also doing a podcast with her dad exclusively on Spotify that will help listeners sort out their life problems.

Jack Fincham

via Instagram @jack_charlesf

After his split with Dani, Jack appeared on Celebs Go Dating. Jack has also done a number of tragic sponsored post for Three UK alongside Laura Anderson in a very cringe advert where she’s an air hostess and he’s topless on a plane. I wouldn’t advise watching.

Jack become a dad to a baby girl Blossom, and is co-parenting his daughter with her mother, his friend Casey Ranger.

He’s transitioned his career a little bit since leaving Love Island and now is a boxer. He currently appears to be single.

Laura Anderson

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

Since leaving Love Island, where Laura finished second with Paul, the pair have broken up. It was alleged Paul had faked the entire relationship and had a girlfriend in New York. 

Laura soon moved onto 2015 Love Island winner Max Morley, but they broke up a few months into dating, got back together before breaking up again for good.

Laura currently has a podcast with BBC Sounds, she’s running a lifestyle and fitness website and does a lot of sponsored fashion posts. Her face has also changed quite a bit and fans have been commenting on her transformation.

During the pandemic Laura was dating Tom Brazier but is now in a relationship with her ex Dane Bowers and the pair live in Dubai. Laura now has her own business called La Lox which specialises in invisible clip hair extensions.

Paul Knops

via Instagram @paulknopsie

Paul and Laura broke up and now he just models full time and looks quite fit. He’s still doing the occasional sponsored post and has over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Kaz Crossley

via Instagram @kazcrossley

Kaz and Josh broke up a good few months after Love Island ended. She then started dating Theo from Love Island season three, and they also managed to turn their relationship into a money maker as they’ve did a sports collection for George at Asda. However the two broke up at the end of February last year.

Kaz is mainly an influencer now and has her own range of head bands called KazBands which were stocked on ASOS. Kaz has since moved out to Dubai where she spends a lot of time working on her Thai boxing and has started her own boxing group called Combat Collective.

Josh Denzel

via Instagram @joshdenzel

Josh honestly looks like he’s living his best life. Apart from throwing some shade at Theo after he got a champagne cork in the eye, Josh has avoided the spotlight.

His Instagram is full of trips, interviews with sportsmen as part of his job at Sky Sports, and just loads of pictures of him hanging out with fellow Islanders.

Josh is currently in a long term relationship with model Ruby Wong.

Megan Barton Hanson

via Instagram @meganbartonhanson_

Megan’s life has been so full of drama since she left the villa. When Wes appeared on Dancing on Ice a few years ago, Megan had some serious beef with his skating partner. Megan announced her breakup with Wes in a very Gwyneth Paltrow conscious uncoupling kind of vibe and asked for their hamster’s privacy.

Megan apparently went on a date with Charlie Brake and stole his hamster. She also appeared on Celebs Go Dating and was rumoured to be dating Chloe Sims’ sister when on the show.

Megan was dating Chelcee Grimes for a while, and then went on a date with a married millionaire, before dumping him after learning he was married. Oh and she said she wanted to get with Maura if they were in the villa together.

Megan has since dated TOWIE’s James Lock. Now Megan has her own sex column at Vice and hosts a podcast called You Come First.

Wes Nelson

via Instagram @wes.nelson

Wes finished as runner up of Dancing on Ice. He also competed in X Factor Celebrity in that tragic Love Island band alongside Eyal, Samira and Zara, where they finished in eighth place. Yikes.

Wes does sponsored posts for BoohooMan and has recently signed a record contract with Universal.

Wes was dating ex-Islander Arabella Chi but they broke up during lockdown and Wes moved in with Josh.

Alexandra Crane

via Instagram @alexandralouise_

Since leaving Love Island and avoiding a relationship with Dr. Alex, Alexandra Crane has caused a little bit of drama. She and Dan Osborne reportedly kissed, making it another time Dan had allegedly cheated on Jacqueline.

Alexandra moved on from the drama and was dating an estate agent until December two years ago when they split up.

Alexandra has been on a major weight loss plan and worked hard in the gym. She was selling weight loss plans as part of her job as an influencer.

She also basically deleted all of her Instagram posts but still has over 1 million followers.

Dr. Alex

via Instagram @dralexgeorge

After Love Island, Dr. Alex was allowed to go back to working in a hospital. He also appeared on Celebrity Masterchef where he made a lot of healthy dishes.

Alex was going out with a very fit grad Amelia Bath, who is a dancer and personal trainer but the two broke up during lockdown. Alex then began dating lawyer Ellie Hecht and the two appeared to be very loved up, even getting a dog together. However the pair broke up earlier this year, with rumours Alex cheated on Ellie, which he has not yet addressed.

Alex was all over TV during lockdown, talking about coronavirus as well as working in hospital during the pandemic. He’s been massively campaigning for more mental health support for young people, following the sad death of his younger brother. Last year he was appointed by Boris Johnson as UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador.

He now has over 2 million followers on Instagram and has released his first book called “Live Well Every Day”.

Laura Lou Crane

via Instagram @lauraloucrane

Laura Crane and Jack Fowler split a few months after leaving Love Island. Laura has mainly stayed out of the spotlight apart from when she got sepsis and it made headline news.

Laura started dating Tristan from Made in Chelsea but they split after a number of months together. Laura is now dating the very fit professional rugby player Levi Douglas after going Insta official with him. Not jealous at all.

In terms of her career Laura has co-founded Seasio, which is a company specialising in ocean based wellness retreats.

Jack Fowler

via Instagram @_jackfowler_

Jack appeared on Celebs Go Dating after he and Laura broke up. During the 2019 Love Island series it was rumoured Jack was seeing Joanna after he picked her up from the airport after she was dumped from the villa. However they both denied these claims.

In 2020 everyone was heartbroken to discover Jack was in a relationship with Royal Holloway graduate Joanne, however the pair broke up last year. When Antigoni went into the villa earlier this season it was revealed she and Jack had dated in the past, but now Jack appears to be single.

Jack now has over a million followers on Instagram and has changed careers slightly and become a DJ.

Georgia Steel

via Instagram @geesteelx

Georgia Steel has certainly been busy since she finished Love Island series four. Georgia and Sam Bird split up after he found out she stayed at her ex’s house and allegedly been exchanging sexts with him.

Georgia has since been out with a man who had spent four years in jail for impersonating a footballer. It then got even worse when he apparently stole thousands of pounds from her.

Aside from all her dating, Georgia has appeared on nearly every reality show going: Celebs On The Ranch, Celebs Go Dating, Celeb Coach Trip and the US version of Ex on the Beach.

Georgia was engaged to Callum Izzard from Ibiza Weekender but they broke up. She has also done a number of tragic sponsored posts like car air fresheners.

Sam Bird

via Instagram @samrobertbird

After the Georgia disaster relationship, Sam moved onto music and according to his Instagram bio he’s a ‘dj/producer’. He shockingly produced a tragic track based off of Fyre Fest. No I’m not kidding, I wish I was.

Sam is now married to American reality star Kailah Casillas. Sam recently announced he was head of music and entertainment on new social subscription platform Fanvue.

Ellie Brown

via Instagram @brown.elle

Ellie has not stopped since she left the villa. Ellie and Charlie had very public dramatic breakup, including moments when he chucked her and her clothes out of his house and reportedly cheated on her.

Ellie starred in Ex on the Beach, and was apparently in a relationship with Michael from Love Island 2019.

She’s a full time influencer and her face has changed quite a bit too. 

Charlie Brake

via Instagram @charliebrake1

After he and Ellie broke up Charlie was reported to have got with Ferne McCann multiple times. Charlie also appeared on Ex on the Beach.

When the Conservative Party won the election in December 2019, Charlie bragged it would protect his inheritance.

Charlie was accused of being a “racist” after retweeting Donald Trump’s tweet about shooting looters during the BLM protests with the caption: “Moral of the story… don’t loot or thieve. SIMPLE.” He then deleted his Twitter after receiving a load of backlash and apologised for his “ignorance” on his Instagram.

Charlie has since made his Instagram private and is now the founder of seltzer brand Naughty Water, which you can buy on Amazon.

Samira Mighty

via Instagram @samiramighty

Samira walked from the villa in order to be with Frankie, who ended up cheating on her multiple times and the pair broke up soon after Love Island.

Since then Samira appeared on X Factor Celebrity and Celebrity Karaoke Club and was dating Ibiza Weekender Alex Dean but the pair broke up before lockdown after dating for 14 months.

Most recently Samira has released her debut single called “Love Your Smile” and has nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram.

Adam Collard

via Instagram @adamcollard

Who could forget when we thought Adam was the biggest Love Island villain? Now I’d probably do anything to get the level of drama he caused back and clearly the producers listened as they’ve now brought him back for the latest series.

After he and Zara broke up, Adam was in a relationship with an Irish fitness blogger Sarah Godfrey.

He’s now a full time fitness influencer. Adam has a YouTube channel, a fitness app and owns a gym where he charges £700 for 20 one to one personal training sessions.

Adam has also joined OnlyFans, where according to The Sun, he makes over £200,000 per month on the app.

Zara McDermott

via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

After her breakup with Adam, Zara was reported to be dating Olly Murs, but apparently dumped him because he was “too old” and she didn’t want to put off other men.

So she’s now with Sam Thompson and has featured on a number of seasons of Made in Chelsea. The pair split up after it was revealed Zara cheated on Sam whilst on the celebrity X Factor, but they are now back together.

Zara has gone onto create two documentaries with BBC Three and has presented the BBC Three dating show Love In The Flesh.

Eyal Booker

via Instagram @eyalbooker

Eyal is definitely even more fit than when he was in the villa. After he left Love Island he quickly signed up to Celebs Go Dating and recreated his tragic pop band days by being in Love Island band on celebrity X Factor.

He was in a long term relationship with model Delilah Belle. She’s the daughter of Lisa Rinna, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, however the pair broke up earlier this year.

Rosie Williams

via Instagram @rosieawilliams

Remember when Rosie and Megan did that photoshoot in front of the boys to show them what they were missing? What a time to be alive.

Rosie was dating a banker who avoided jail for the death of a man he hit with a car, however it’s no longer clear if they’re still together. She also looks quite different and basically does sponsored fashion posts.

Rosie has launched her own clothing label called White Collar which focuses on professional clothing for men and women.

Charlie Frederick

via Instagram @charliefrederick_

Charlie is basically a full time influencer/ model. His ex was Lucie who went on Love Island 2019 and he claimed she had just gone on there for fame. Which is a pretty ironic for a guy whose entire career is based off his five days in the villa.

Charlie was even more salty when Arabella went in the villa. Charlie claimed they were still together and had been texting only a few days before she went in. He shared the screenshots and was not happy.

He’s since gone on to appear in Made in Chelsea and now offers online personal coaching. Charlie has been in a relationship with Natalie Clowes for just over year.

Hayley Hughes

via Instagram @hayleyhughes.xx

Oh Hayley, the girl who literally knew nothing and became mates with Nigel Farage for a very short time. She’s now a full time influencer and posts a lot of fit pictures.

Hayley was dating DJ Tom Zanetti for a few months before they broke up.

Niall Aslam

via Instagram @niallaslam

Niall walked out of the villa after nine days and came out and revealed he has Asperger’s. He has since gone out to speak out about his time on Love Island and revealed he went to a psychiatric hospital after appearing on the show.

He was on the US version of Ex on The Beach with Georgia and Sam. Now, he spends a lot of time on TikTok and Instagram sharing his experience of autism and mental health.

Kendall Rae Knight

via Instagram @kendallraeknight

So Kendall is another full time influencer, who is going out with mid league footballer Andrew Hughes. Oh and she kissed Eyal in the pool during the Xmas special.

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