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Jack Fincham just announced via Instagram that he’s a father

He hid that better than Kylie Jenner did


Jack Fincham collectively shocked every single person who woke up and checked their Instagram today by announcing that he's now a father of a very well hidden and unexpected baby.

The baby was born yesterday, 24th January, to Jack and an unknown mother, who Jack says he is "great friends" with but that they're not together.

The Love Island winner posted saying: "I'm normally a very open book and share most of my life on social media. This blessing I chose not to. I'm just a normal geeza, who went on a TV show, which throws you straight into the public eye… which I will be forever grateful for.

"However I knew for myself I needed personal time and to keep this part of my life private to prepare for this new responsibility and part of me that will change my life forever."

His daughter, Blossom Fincham, was born yesterday and weighed in at eight pounds two ounces. He says: "This is undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened to me and it's true what they say, the instant feeling of love and connection you have with your child is a feeling like no other." And adds, "Both mum and baby are doing great."

Shook doesn't cover it. Kylie Jenner could never. One thing's for sure and that's that I would pay good money to see how Dani Dyer reacts.