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Love Island 2017 cast: Where are they now?

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This time last year we'd sit down at 9pm every night for the unforgettable Love Island 2017 cast. We were hooked watching Camilla and Jamie's relationship blossom, see what hijinks Chris and Kem have been up to this time.

They eventually emerged from the villa to jump straight into a pile of Instagram sponsored content cash, and haven't looked back since. Occasionally they'll pop up in the tabloids, or do a club appearance in your hometown, but as we find ourselves moving on to a new batch of walking, talking biceps and abs, what has become of the Love Island 2017 cast?

Are they still raking in the Instagram cash, or are they now just sitting at home watching the show like the rest of us?

Jess – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 17)

After leaving the show, having been voted off by the girls, Jess and Dom got engaged. On Valentine's Day this year, the two of them got unofficially married, live on Good Morning Britain. They both wore white lingerie, and have made plans for an official wedding which is set to go ahead this summer in Greece.

Jess and Dom also moved in together, and supposedly have plans to have children soon after their marriage – so we will have to wait and see.

Camilla – Love Island, Series 3 – Runner-Up (Day 52)

Since leaving the island, Camilla's relationship with Jamie has continued to blossom. As well as this, the well-known beauty retailer 'Look Fantastic' have signed Camilla up with a £500,000 deal to promote their line of hair and beauty products, so it's safe to say her work and love lives are both happy as can be.

Olivia – Love Island, Series 3 – Third Place (Day 52)

Olivia left Love Island in full stride, and has since had her own show, called 'Crackin' On', which has brought £900,000 Olivia's way.

Olivia has also had meetings with the some of the ITV bosses which addressed the prospect of her being part of 'I'm A Celebrity' in 2018.

Amber – Love Island, Series 3 – Winner (Day 52)

Amber left Love Island victorious, holding hands with Kem, but after four months of dating the two of them decided to call the whole thing off.

It was by no means all doom and gloom though. Since leaving the villa, Amber's career has continued to grow. She's done bits on Good Morning Britain, along with numerous other personal appearances, some of which she's believed to be charging £5,000 per hour.

Amber has also been in high demand from many major fashion labels, but and signed a £500k contract with 'MotelRocks'.

Chris – Love Island, Series 3 – Third Place (Day 52)

After Chris left Love Island he was in the spin-off show, 'Straight Out Of Love Island', alongside fellow contestant and friend, Kem. Chris and Kem made music together after leaving the island too, and released a chart-topping single, 'Little Bit Leave It'.

With Olivia, Chris also landed his own reality TV show, called Crackin' On, which documented the ins and outs of their relationship.

Chris and Kem's antics don't stop here. They are working on a new TV show which is similar to Impractical Jokers, in that they carry out ridiculous challenges. However, they won't be setting each other the challenges, it'll be the audience which take care of that.

Chris recently released his autobiography (You Bantering Me?), and collectively, all of his post-villa antics have brought him £1 million.

Montana – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 50)

After leaving Love Island, Montana secured herself the impressive role as the fashion presenter on This Morning. Much to her sadness, her appointment was not well-received by the viewers, and that part of her life came to an rapid end.

She managed to bounce back though, and was appointed as one of the MTV News presenters.

In recent months, rumours have been circulating that she's been seeing the X Factor winner, Matt Terry.

According to Montana though, she's not officially dating anyone, and shut down the rumour that she was romantically seeing Matt Terry.

Alex – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 50)

Things were going so well for Alex on the show, as him and Montana looked like the likely winners. Their legacy came to an abrupt end though as the public voted the couple off.

After the show, Alex and Montana separated, as their life off the island wasn't quite working the way they would have liked it to. They have remained good friends, of course.

Career wise, Alex is still modelling and regularly uploads photos of him and his new girlfriend, Amy Paphitis.

Kem – Love Island, Series 3 – Winner (Day 52)

Kem left the island victorious, meaning he's not had a second to catch a breath and has been in high demand ever since the show ended.

He's done all sorts, from cover shoots with OK! magazine, to presenting Good Morning Britain. And he of course starred on 'Straight Out of Love Island'. Kem also appeared on Dancing on Ice 2018. Him and his dance partner made it as far as the semi-finals.

Kem made music with his dear friend Chris Hughes, which saw them churn out a chart-topping song, 'Little Bit of Leave It'. Together, the pair also released their very own fitness DVD (Chris & Kem 100% Fit).

Kem allegedly charges up to £5,000 an hour to show up at venues and sign autographs.

All he really wants though is a job on EastEnders. He's not stopped begging the big names in the BBC to give him a try, and it doesn't look like he'll be stopping anytime soon.

Be sure to listen out for Kem as he's going to be a co-host of Love Island's official podcast ('The Morning After'). The podcast will air every morning to discuss the antics of the night before.

​Mike – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 44)

Since leaving the villa, Mike has supposedly been up to all sorts. He made an appearance on 'Celebs Go Dating' and managed cause just as much of a stir on that as he did on Love Island, asking two girls for a threesome at the final party.

More recently, Mike and Megan McKenna went public, and it seems as though the two are very happy in their relationship.

Jonny – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 38)

After leaving the show, Jonny started seeing Made in Chelsea star Stephanie Pratt. This didn't last for too long, and they decided to call it off. It's unclear what exactly caused the end of their relationship.

Jonny still spends a lot of his time travelling around the world and seems to be living the high life since leaving the show.

Marcel – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 52)

After the show, Gabby and Marcel seemed the perfect fit. Everything was going smoothly, moving at a good pace, and they were happy.

Of course, we all know what happened in May, when the news surfaced that he cheated on his girlfriend of nine months whilst on a romantic getaway.

Since then, it's very much dominated the limelight that Marcel has found shining over him.

Gabby – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 52)

After nine months of being with Marcel, the two split after the news broke that Marcel had cheated on her whilst they were on holiday.

Gabby has kept herself busy however with a number of personal appearances, and she too has been charging around £5,000 for an hour of her time, where she will show up at venues and sign autographs.

Jamie – Love Island, Series 3 – Runner-Up (Day 52)

Since Jamie left Love Island, his relationship with Camilla didn't stop growing. The couple have done charity work, visiting a refugee camp together and they are in a very good place.

Jamie had a private battle with depression, but gracefully admits that Camilla was there for him every step of the way, and that he wouldn't be the person he is today without her help and support.

Despite other islanders rumouring that Jamie and Camilla have been struggling, Jamie shut these rumours down, saying that they'd only circulated out of jealously towards him and Camilla.

Dom – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 28)

Since leaving the island, Dom's relationship with Jess has been excellent. They have moved in together in Devon, and have got plans to get married this year.

A venue has been booked in Mykonos for their wedding, which they've said is set to be a small affair, after their rather flamboyant unofficial wedding which happened live Good Morning Britain back in February.

Theo – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 41)

Theo was one of the late arrivals in the 2017 series, but teased his followers on Twitter recently, suggesting that he might be appearing on the show for a second time.

He said: "When I go on this time I'm actually going to try and find love."

If this is true, it means that he's not done a whole lot since the show last ended other than up his Insta, Twitter and gym game to convince the producers that he's worth a second try.

Truly anything can happen on Love Island, so I guess the public will have to wait and see if Theo will be making a return.

Sam – Love Island, Series 3 – Dumped (Day 23 and 46)

Sam was a popular contestant, getting voted back onto the show by the public after getting the boot, sadly getting sent home both times.

Him and Georgia Harrison had a good thing going on, and they continued to see each other after the show came to an end, but they have since split.

Since leaving the island, Sam signed up to head back to the toon and join the Geordie Shore clan. He now dates Chloe Ferry and is wholly enjoying life as a northerner again.

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