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Would you actually win Love Island? You can only find out if you take this quiz

If I won I would deffo keep all the money

Today is the day. It's the final of Love Island 2018. It's been a real emotional rollercoaster and we've been riding with you every step of the way. We've given you the gossip, revealed what cosmetic surgery they've all had, and even told you which Love Island character your uni is.

Tonight will see declarations of love, tears of joy and one lucky couple winning £50,000. But, hang on. Here's the real question: would you win Love Island?

Had you, mere mortal, been scouted for season 4 of Love Island, would you have won the show? Would you be stood with the final four couples tonight having your name called out by Caroline Flack?

Ah, I guess we'll never know. Well, unless you take this quiz.

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