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Love Island Gossip Column: How many Islanders were scouted? And Georgia’s raunchy sex life revealed



Welcome back to The Tab’s daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Was Wes and Megan’s yacht date filmed with a green screen?

The couple set sail on a luxury yacht for their final Love Island date but people are convinced the boat was fake because it was rocking heavily and the couple didn’t lose balance once. Some even think a green screen was used to fake the scenery.

Danny Dyer thinks Jack and Dani will struggle on the outside

Danny Dyer has opened up about his worries for Jani outside the villa. He told the Mirror: “Jack has no idea. When he comes out he’s from South East London and he’s going to be the nation’s sweetheart and so his mates are going to want a bit of that.

“He’ll get caught up in the whirlwind of it. And of course they have got the added pressure of being in a public relationship which is again really difficult, really difficult.

“Everywhere they go they are going to be followed around, especially for the first couple of months. So when he is out with his mates, I’m not saying at all if he would ever cheat, but there will be pictures of him…

“It’s whether or not they can come out on this journey together through this fame thing.”

But he wants them to get married because they didn’t have sex on TV

Speaking to The Mirror, Danny said he was happy she hadn’t “****ed about under the quilts once” and revealed he could see Jack as his son-in-law. He said: “It would be lovely if her and Jack would walk down the aisle but who knows, let’s meet the f****** geezer first.”

Ellie and Charlie are literally obsessed with each other and can’t stop the PDA

The pair did an appearance in Middlesbrough on the weekend and were photographed kissing all over the club. It’s cute and all, but I genuinely think they’ve forgotten they’re out in public. Look at these photos and tell me otherwise.

Samira and Frankie looked super loved up at a wedding yesterday

It will be their wedding next!!!

Frankie told us that he was asked to go on last year’s Love Island but didn’t get through because he didn’t watch the show

In an exclusive interview with The Tab, Frankie Foster said he got scouted to appear on season three, but failed to make the show because he didn’t know anything about it. In a phone interview with the producers, he got asked who his most favourite and least favourite contestants are, but couldn’t remember any of their names.

Georgia wants you to know that her and Sam had sex as soon as they left the villa and that they definitely have sexual chemistry

The couple have been accused of being fake and not into each other, but Georgia was quick to dispel those rumours, telling The Sun: “Sam I had sex as soon as we came out the villa in Majorca. It was natural. We’re now living with my friend in South London, she loves it. We spend all our time together.” Yeah, doesn’t sound defensive at all.

Georgia’s mum thinks the other girls bullied her daughter

Sharon, Georgia’s mum, told the Mail on Sunday: “One of the worst moments for me was when all of the girls went against her and called her a liar. That was bullying. I was so upset, I paced around my living room, up and down past the coffee table, and I was crying.

“I was so angry so I decided that I had to call ITV to check that my little girl was OK. They assured me that she was which helped.”

Zara got a matching tattoo to prove her love for Adam

Last week, Adam got a ‘Z’ tattooed on his hand to symbolise his love for Zara, his girlfriend who he’s known for over a month. And naturally, Zara returned the gesture with a tattoo of Adam’s initials on her pinkie finger.

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But is anyone else concerned with the fact Zara parted with hard earned money for that tattoo? It looks like someone wrote on her hand with a red biro.

New Laura finally explained why she asked all those awkward questions in the lie detector test

During last night’s Aftersun, Laura Crane revealed she wrote all those questions down as a joke, without realising how tense the atmosphere would be during the challenge. She also said she didn’t know original Laura would be asking the questions. Apparently they spoke about it afterwards and everything was fine between them. Phew.

New Jack and new Laura are still not official

They disclosed on Love Island Aftersun that they’re not yet official because they’re a new couple and want to take things at their own pace. Well, it’s a lot more sensible than moving in together and getting matching tattoos I suppose. Ahem.

An ex-islander revealed that most of the contestants this year were scouted

The insider told The Tab that most of the viewer’s favourites were sought out by the producers.

When the islanders find out they’re going on the show, they sign a document stating they can only tell their parents

And once they fly out to Majorca, they’re not allowed to have any contact with their friends as they enter isolation in the hotel.

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