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Josh Denzel accused of mocking Theo Campbell’s blindness on Twitter

Kaz said Josh later DM’d them with a ‘sob story’

Josh Denzel is being accused of mocking Theo Campbell's recent eye injury, after he tweeted a meme last night.

The Love Island series four alumnus posted a picture of the "and I ooop" meme with no caption at 8:22pm yesterday, hours after news broke of Theo's accident, which left him permanently blind in one eye.

Josh later deleted the tweet, however users have been quick to repost screenshots accusing him of making fun of Theo's injury. Kaz has since weighed in on the drama to say Josh has privately messaged them with a "sob story", adding: "Theo couldn't care less."

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Kaz was told by fans during Instagram Q&A session about Josh's tweet. She responded: "Sounds about right. Funny he decides to message a private sob story after he deleted it.

"Luckily Theo couldn't care less about Josh's indirects as we have now lost count."

One said: "His ex-gf's boyfriend goes partially blind and this is what he tweets he is so dusty ewwww."

Another tweeted: "Josh Denzel is trash like damn. Dude is still subtweeting his ex gf and her bf. Like move on already."

Theo revealed on his Instagram story yesterday he'd been hit in the eye by a flying champagne cork. The accident was reported to have split his right eye "in half."

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After two rounds of surgery Theo posted a picture of him and his girlfriend Kaz Crossley, who like Josh was on Love Island's fourth series. "The caption read: Thanks for all the messages and support I’ve got over the last couple days they’re all very much appreciated.

"So yeah basically two eye surgeries later after a really unfortunate accident, I’ve lost all vision in my right eye as it got split in half, who would have thought a champagne cork would be the end of me.

"But I still have one eye left, looking at the bright side of things. Thanks for flying out to look after me as well babe. if anyone knows where sells cool eye patches let me know."

Josh and Kaz were coupled up during their stint on Love Island 2018, and remained together for five months until their split in January this year.

Kaz and Theo were reported to be dating four months ago. The couple had been on holiday when Theo's accident happened.

The Tab has approached Josh for comment, and he has yet to respond to the criticism on Instagram or Twitter.

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