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Love Island Gossip Column: Yewande is dating George??! Plus Jourdan and Danny split up?

Finally she gets some justice

Welcome to The Tab's daily Love Island 2019 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Amber says she never wants to speak to Michael again, but it's okay because she's bezzies with Millie Bobby Brown

In news that will probably not shock you at all, Amber doesn't want to have anything to do with the man who screwed her over on national television.

Asked on the Capital FM breakfast show whether she would ever consider chatting to him again, she literally said: "No."

As for how things are going with Greg, she said: "Yeah, things are going really well but he’s got to be over in Dublin for his rugby and I’m kinda over here in London, so at the minute we can’t really decide what we’re going to do."

She told the interviewer Milly Bobby Brown slid into her DMs, saying: "Oh my god – Millie Bobby Brown follows me on Instagram.

"Yeah, yeah it’s mad and, like, we’re trying to meet up and stuff. We’ve been messaging on Instagram. It’s the wildest thing."

Molly-Mae made a deal with PrettyLittleThing worth £500,000

Okay obviously it's super mean to call her Money-Mae, but Molly-Mae has landed the phattest paychecks of any of the ex-Islanders.

This week she flew to LA to meet the CEO, Umar Kamani, and posed for her first photoshoot as a brand ambassador.

£500,000 is, and I cannot stress this enough, a fucking lot of money.

Is Yewande dating George?

The whizzes at The Sun spotted George on Yewande's Instagram story with what appeared to be her make-up smeared all over his face. Are they dating or just necking on? Who knows???

We've met George in real life, you know, and he is fit.

Tommy was apparently super messy in the villa, according to Michael

Speaking to FUBAR Radio, Michael said: "He’s so filthy. He doesn’t pick up his clothes.

"He doesn’t know how to cook, he doesn’t know how to clean up after himself.

"I was like 'Tommy, you need to start picking your clothes up because they stink'."

The interview only got better from there, as Michael revealed he also used to dress Tommy. He said: "All the outfits that he wore were my clothes.

"He came in with like three outfits and I was like 'Tommy, you do realise you could be in here for up to eight weeks and you brought three outfits'."

The Islanders are allowed to listen to music in the villa on ‘quiet days’

In her interview with Capital, Amber said: "We had a couple of down days and they would play music through the villa all day and that used to be the best day ever for me, but other than that, no, not unless we had a party."

The host guessed this might be why the parties in the villa looked as good as they did, and Amber replied: "Yeah because you haven’t listened to nothing for ages and then the music comes out and you’re like 'yes!'."

Gabbi split from Rak Su’s Myles Stephenson

Sad times in Love Island alumni Land – Gabbi from series one has dumped Rak Su's Myles after she caught him sexting other girls.

A friend of hers told The Sun: "Gabby ­suspected Myles had been messaging a girl a while ago, but he told her that one of his mates had used his Instagram account.

"Then when they were meant to be having space apart, Gabby caught him red-handed. She immediately ended the relationship.

"She is shocked that it happened, especially after everything she went through with Marcel.

"She has made her decision and doesn’t want to be with someone she can’t trust."

More like Rank Su AMIRITE GUYS????

Caroline Flack drinks mugs of gravy because she’s a total wrong’un

The Daily Star came delivered this week's most outrageous exclusive, and it's that Caroline drinks gravy like it's tea or coffee, which is fucked up.

She told them: "I’m not addicted to a lot of things, like I don’t drink a lot of coffee and I don’t have an addictive personality.

"But I religiously like to eat roast dinners. Now you can’t have a roast dinner every day, can you? So ­sometimes I just have a cup of gravy.

"I just like Bisto. In fact, they sent me a range with my names on the pack.

"I take my own gravy to dinners. My sister makes ­terrible gravy so I always turn up with my own gravy. Sorry Jo. She knows."

Jourdan convinced her 'fans' she and Danny have split

She posted an Instagram story in her lingerie with the caption: "I only trust boys on days that don't end in Y…"

Jourdan was apparently "flooded" with comments asking if this meant Danny (whose name crucially ends in a Y) had been unfaithful. Thankful Jourdan reassured all three of her fans all was well, saying: "Edit: It's banter, me and Danny are fine."

As an aside, if you can email me one memorable thing Jourdan said while she was in the villa, I'll send you a tenner.

Tommy partied with his ex girlfriend

While Molly-Mae's been off putting bread on the table, Tommy's been living it up at a BooHooMan event, as you'd probably expect from an ex-Islander.

According to The Sun, Tommy's ex Millie Roberts was also in attendance.

This is what we in the business call a "non story".

Niall, Georgia, and Sam from Love Island 2018 are all going on the same reality show

Are you mad into Ex on the Beach? No? Well how about an American version of it called Ex on the Peak? Boom. Hand over all your spare time.

Anyway, the new show is to be filmed in New Zealand – Niall, Georgia, and Sam are all set to star in it. Please contain your excitement.

Harley was getting off with Sam Bird before she went into the villa

We all knew the Islanders are in a web of secret friendships, but what we didn't know was the sheer volume of tongue some of them inserted into each other's mouths. I mean just look at the picture below:

Jesus fucking Christ.

Amber and Amy didn’t sit next to each other at an Ariana Grande concert

It's been a dry week at The Sun, and you can feel the bottom of the barrel in the news Amber and Amy weren't partying together.

Amber was with Yewande, while Amy was with the team from In the Style, the sponsors of Love Island this year.

Ovie revealed the reason he joined the cast (he’s been in The Guardian too)

Ovie knows his worth, clearly, and in an interview in The Guardian he said he went into the villa after the death of a friend caused him to have a rethink of his life.

He said: "A close friend of mine passed away playing basketball. He had a heart attack in practice in Macedonia; he was so far from home.

"That year, I did a lot of thinking; there was a long time to collect my thoughts and reassess everything."

He also touched on the racism underpinning most reality TV shows, saying: "Being a young black man is something in life that’s on your mind.

"It’s a weird one. It’s important for young black people to know that they can be themselves and you don’t have to fit into a specific mould to be one on TV.

"If there’s one thing I hope it did show, it’s that being you is dope. Being original and being yourself is cool. If you’re one of one, think about how valuable that is.

"Every single person – regardless of race, colour, gender – is one of one. Now that is some valuable shit. Excuse me."

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