This is what Love Island cast members all got in their GCSE results

Yes, they’re smart too!


The biggest day of the year for school students is GCSE results day. Thousands of students up and down the country have spent hours this summer waiting to find out how well they did, and that seems a million miles away from the eight-week-long villa paradise the Love Islanders have had.

But even the Islanders were there once upon a time too. They sat exams just like the rest of us. So, here’s what the cast of Love Island all got on GCSE results day.

Millie Court

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Millie won Love Island in 2021, and also won on results day. She’s pursued a career in fashion, and shared her GCSE results saw her achieving eight qualifications, including an A in maths and B in textiles.

Liberty Poole

Love Island cast GCSE results

via Instagram @libertypoolex

Before entering the villa, Liberty said: “Lads look at me and they think I’m this blonde but there’s a lot more to me. Not a lot of people know this about me but I got nine As and an A* at school.”

On her LinkedIn, she wrote: “After leaving secondary school with 9As, A* and a B. So many people convinced me I should be a doctor. But after taking Chemistry and Biology as an A-level I started to lose enjoyment for those subjects. That’s when I started to explore other options and considered business and then marketing.”

Jess and Eve Gale

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The winter Love Island twins are very smart, and were both at university when they entered the villa. In an interview, Jess said: “We’re a lot smarter than people give us credit for.” Eve added: “Yeah, we basically got all As in our GCSEs”.

Molly-Mae Hague

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The season five runner-up and now big time influencer and millionaire apparently bagged some impressive GCSE results. She got an A in English and an A* in sociology at GCSE, before dropping out of college to launch her online career.

Tommy Fury

Love Island cast GCSE results

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Tommy Fury had a pretty tough time working out daily life in the villa. He’d never made tea or an omelette, and maths clearly isn’t his forte as he thought his head had done a 560 degree turn when Maura arrived. Series five runner-up Tommy dropped out of school when he was in year nine, he didn’t receive any qualifications.

Chris Hughes

Season three’s Chris Hughes is a secret brain box. He achieved 14 GCSEs, his results including three A*s and eight As. He also worked for a legal firm before entering the villa in 2017. He’s also one to use his qualifications to back himself in Twitter arguments.

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Kem Cetinay

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The winner of Love Island 2017, Kem Cetinay, left school without any GCSEs. In an interview with The Sunday Times he said: “Anxiety can be a dark path if you don’t handle it well. I’ve seen it first hand. I was taken out of school when I was 13, in year nine. People don’t know I didn’t finish school, that I was a different person to how I am now. I basically had therapy seven days a week for, like, three years.”

Camilla Thurlow

Love Island cast GCSE results

via Instagram @camillathurlow

Camilla Thurlow might just be one of the brainiest people to ever grace Love Island. In her GCSEs Camilla got nine A*s and two As from Fettes College, where she was a Head of House and a prefect. She then went on to get a First Class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough.

Scott Thomas

via Instagram @scott.thomas

Scott Thomas left the Love Island 2016 villa in third place with Kady McDermott. He also did very well in his GCSE exams. On results day in 2016, shortly after he left the villa, he tweeted saying: “Good luck with ur GCSE’s peeps! I got four A*s and five A’s and ended up throwing parties for a living and on Love Island! Who would have thought ey?”

Hayley Hughes

Love Island cast GCSE results

via Instagram @hayleyhughes.xx

Hayley may have not known what an aura was and thought Brexit meant we wouldn’t have any trees, but she’s actually pretty brainy. In an interview a friend of hers said: “She’s definitely not that stupid. I can’t believe no one else has said anything.” Her friend claims Hayley got all Bs in her ICT, Science and Health and Social Care A-levels.

Hayley briefly studied Childhood and Youth Studies at Liverpool Hope University, before she dropped out to be an actress. The friend added: “She did really well in her A Levels and GCSEs. She managed to get the grades to do that course, but she dropped out to pursue an acting career.”

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