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Dr Alex George reportedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend four times

He’s asked people not to ‘judge situations you do not understand’

Dr Alex George cheated on his ex-girlfriend Ellie Hecht at least four times according to a report in The Sun.

The newspaper reported Dr Alex had sexted numerous women throughout their relationship and ended up leaving Ellie homeless with their dog.

A source said to be close to Alex and Ellie told The Sun Alex cheated on Ellie early on in their relationship, but she chose to forgive him. However it was then revealed he went onto sext multiple women after someone approached Ellie and told her what was allegedly going on.

They said: “Alex cheated on Ellie very early on in their relationship but she chose to forgive him and move on.

“She has really been his rock during a very difficult time for him and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Unfortunately, Alex went on to sext a number of other women during their relationship and it all came to a head when someone contacted Ellie and spilled the beans about what he had been up to.”

via Instagram @dralexgeorge

The source said Alex denied sleeping with anyone else but Ellie struggled to believe this due to a string of messages in which Alex was seen messaging girls asking to meet up with them.

They said: “Alex insisted he hadn’t slept with anyone else. Ellie is really struggling to believe him though because he was often away on work trips and messages showed him begging to meet girls in hotel rooms.”

Alex and Ellie continued their relationship until Alex ended it earlier this year with Ellie allegedly having to move out of their flat quickly and becoming the sole owner of their puppy Freddie.

The source told The Sun: “It was a real shock for Ellie because they had just bought a dog together. She had to pack up and find somewhere else to live quickly – and has become the solo carer for the pup, Freddie.

“Everyone thinks Alex is perfect, but his grief over his brother just isn’t an excuse to treat Ellie like that.The news has really upset their friendship group, especially as Alex has been out partying with other girls already since.”

via Instagram @dralexgeorge

Yesterday Alex shared a cryptic post on his Instagram story in which he asked people not to judge situations they don’t understand.

He said: “It’s wise not to judge situations that you do not understand. Just a Sunday thought.”

Dr Alex and barrister Ellie began dating in January last year and broke up earlier this month. They had been on holiday together in the Maldives shortly before the breakup.

The Tab has contacted Alex George for comment. 

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