Poll: Should the Union have suspended the Rugby Club?

Are our views actually represented by the Union?

On Thursday we published an article about the Rugby Club being suspended as a result of a ‘social event’ held in November. The decision made by the Union has provoked anger, concern and sadness on campus.

The Union, elected by the student body, took the decision to suspend the Rugby club, not the University. But do they really represent the views of the students?

AU Officer Sophie Matthews, who was part of making the decision to suspend the club, said: “We will be working with the Rugby Club to have a new committee in place as soon as possible to ensure that a number of follow up measure take place which are aimed at changing the clubs culture and promoting inclusiveness.”

Newcastle University confirmed that: “Following a police report into an incident on November 2, the University disciplined members of the rugby club for antisocial behaviour at a club organised event. This included imposing a number of fines.”

Given that nobody was hurt and social events like this happen in many societies across uni was the Union’s action proportionate? Or is this kind of action necessary to clamp down on sports societies? We elected the Union to represent our views. Now let’s find out if they’re doing their job.