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Swingers announces return of STD at Digital

It’s psychedelic themed

New student cards cost £1.31 to make, we pay £10

Such a rip off

Blanc offers a ‘welcome back’ £2 Sunday

Drunk in love

There’s going to be a space themed party at WHQ tomorrow

With free ice lollies on the door

No more free coffee: Waitrose will ‘simply ask you to make a purchase’ before giving you a cup

Game changer

Exclusive: Inside the Ouseburn ‘sewer rave’ that happened this weekend

‘I felt like I had been kept hostage in a zombie apocalypse’

Vote for your favourite NUSU Sabbatical Officer

It’s your very own Tinder

Here are the winners of the Students’ Union elections

I mean popularity contest

Saffron Kershaw-Mee voted Most Influential Person in Newcastle

They’re running for Welfare & Equality officer this week

Channel 4’s Naked Attraction is holding auditions in Newcastle

Hope you’re not shy

Fight Night 2017: Introducing the fighters

For the first time there are four female boxers

Vote for the most influential person in Newcastle

Here’s the shortlist for The Tab Newcastle’s Power List

NURFC suspension lifted after seven days

Most of you disagreed with the Union’s suspension

Poll: Should the Union have suspended the Rugby Club?

Are our views actually represented by the Union?

Newcastle University Rugby Union Club ‘indefinitely suspended’

It was following a ‘social event’ in November

Bar Blanc will ‘continue to offer £2 drinks throughout February’

Goodbye, dry January

The council are outside the Robbo fining people who drop cigarettes

It’s a £75 penalty

A conference is being held to discuss ‘tensions between students and residents in Jesmond’

It’s next Tuesday

It’s been a year since Drummond Puddle Watch

Almost 20,000 people watched in awe

As of today Newcastle is officially no longer part of the NUS

You can’t get an NUS card anymore