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Swingers announces return of STD at Digital

It’s psychedelic themed

New student cards cost £1.31 to make, we pay £10

Such a rip off

Blanc offers a ‘welcome back’ £2 Sunday

Drunk in love

There’s going to be a space themed party at WHQ tomorrow

With free ice lollies on the door

No more free coffee: Waitrose will ‘simply ask you to make a purchase’ before giving you a cup

Game changer

Exclusive: Inside the Ouseburn ‘sewer rave’ that happened this weekend

‘I felt like I had been kept hostage in a zombie apocalypse’

Vote for your favourite NUSU Sabbatical Officer

It’s your very own Tinder

Here are the winners of the Students’ Union elections

I mean popularity contest

Saffron Kershaw-Mee voted Most Influential Person in Newcastle

They’re running for Welfare & Equality officer this week

Channel 4’s Naked Attraction is holding auditions in Newcastle

Hope you’re not shy

Fight Night 2017: Introducing the fighters

For the first time there are four female boxers

Vote for the most influential person in Newcastle

Here’s the shortlist for The Tab Newcastle’s Power List

Swingers raises over £550 for breast cancer awareness charity

The money was raised on Valentine’s day

NURFC suspension lifted after seven days

Most of you disagreed with the Union’s suspension

Poll: Should the Union have suspended the Rugby Club?

Are our views actually represented by the Union?

Newcastle University Rugby Union Club ‘indefinitely suspended’

It was following a ‘social event’ in November

Bar Blanc will ‘continue to offer £2 drinks throughout February’

Goodbye, dry January

The council are outside the Robbo fining people who drop cigarettes

It’s a £75 penalty

A conference is being held to discuss ‘tensions between students and residents in Jesmond’

It’s next Tuesday

It’s been a year since Drummond Puddle Watch

Almost 20,000 people watched in awe

Police shut down a New Year’s rave inside Tyne Bridge last night

It’s thought there were 200 people attending

A Newcastle first year has died after ‘excessive’ drinking

The 20-year-old man died yesterday

The Union wants to find a new name for Mensbar, again

A motion was passed at student council

Bar Blanc are launching a cinema night this Sunday

There’s free popcorn

A producer from Geordie Shore left behind the show’s ‘script’ at a cafe

Is this just real life? Is this just fantasy?

Newcastle Rowers bare all for their 2017 naked calendar


Newcastle’s Bachelorrette: Freshers, round one

Sassy and seductive

Fight Night 2016: Meet the fighters


Ridley Properties voted Newcastle’s favourite estate agent

It was a comfortable win

Union President’s promise to put microwaves in the library could be toast

Library staff seem resistant

An 18-year-old girl died after attending an event at Warehouse last night

It is not confirmed whether she was a student

Newcastle’s Bachelors: Freshers FINAL

Let’s get it on

Newcastle’s Bachelors: Group three results

It’s the closest group yet

Emma Thompson’s in Newcastle filming by Quayside

Stop what you’re doing

Selasi from GBBO is in Newcastle

He posted a photo on Instagram

Newcastle’s Bachelors: Group two results

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

Newcastle’s Bachelors: Group one results


More guys go to the Robbo than girls

But girls do better in exams

Appeal for witnesses after 21-year-old woman attacked in Jesmond

It happened on Shortridge Terrace

BNOC takes seven days annual leave to come back for Freshers’ Week

He’s on placement at TfL in London

People have been queueing on Grainger Street for Yeezy trainers since Wednesday

The shoes ‘drop’ tomorrow

A candle vigil is being held in Newcastle tonight for Orlando victims

It was the most fatal US terrorist attack since 9/11

Newcastle’s BNOC 2016: The Winner

The results are in

THE FINAL: Newcastle’s BNOC of the Year

You know all of these people

SSDP set the record straight about drug testing kits

‘We don’t believe our campaign encourages drug use’

BNOC of the Year: Wild card

It’s their last chance to make the final

BNOC of the Year: Group 3

You just want to be them

BNOC of the Year: Group 2

Let’s boost their egos even more

94 per cent of students DIDN’T vote in NUS referendum

But we’re still leaving

BNOC of the Year: Group 1

Stop what you’re doing

Stage One announces a one-off Swingers at Digital

It’s flower power themed

Leazes fresher who set up GoFundMe page to pay off overdraft receives £500 donation

Jammy shit

A guide to the Boat Race of the North

Newcastle will probably win

Newcastle’s BNOC of the Year: Nominations are now open

Everyone stop what you’re doing

‘Hypocritical’ NUSU President accuses NUS of not understanding representation

Chattin’ shit

Kate Ovens voted most influential student in Newcastle

Thousands of people voted

Boat Race of the North date announced

Newcastle are hoping to defend their title

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby given three year driving ban

She’s a regular at Tup Tup

The results are in: Who is Newcastle’s favourite Union officer?

The President lost by a mile

Meet the models appearing in the Newcastle RAG fashion show

It’s happening on Thursday

82 per cent of students DIDN’T vote in NUSU Elections

It’s a waste of time anyway

Winkers in South Bucks is officially the ‘most tragic hometown club’

It’s on a farm tbf

Whoever said Winkers is the most tragic hometown club?

You’re wrong

NUSU Elections: Here are your winners

Even though you don’t care, you probably should

NUSU Elections: Meet the Activities officer candidates

Even though you don’t care, you probably should

Jordan from Ibiza Weekender spent Valentine’s at The Gate

He was with Marnie from Geordie Shore

Ricky Road rebuild: More pictures released by uni

It still looks ugly

Newcastle’s biggest names on campus, literally

They’re longer than yours

A supporter of Roosh V has published a sickening guide about women in Newcastle

He says they have ‘loose morals’

Jeremy from Big Brother and Sam Reece are BOTH making appearances in Newcastle on Thursday

Shit’s going down

Police appeal for the identity of two men after Tup Tup assault

It happened in December

Metro staff member gets their leg caught between train and platform

It’s caused long delays on the network

There’s a Craig David themed night for the end of exams

When the crowd say Bo, Selecta

Newcastle uni and SU ‘actively censors speech and expression’ says new study

They labelled us red

Everyone’s losing it over a 5m wide puddle in Jesmond

19,000 people are watching on Periscope

Jesmond pets: Meet Houdini the tarantula

‘We bought two but one escaped we don’t know where it’s gone’

Professor Brian Cox is coming to Newcastle

Praise the heavens

Katy O’Neil is Newcastle’s fittest fresher 2015


One person confirmed dead after huge fire in Newcastle city centre

You could see the smoke from Gateshead

Newcastle university’s Vice Chancellor will retire next year

Chris Brink will have been a Vice Chancellor for 15 years

Charlotte Conibear wins Newcastle’s fittest fresher round two

She lives with her competitor Olivia Pryor

Christian Union’s Text-a-Toastie is back

It’s happening on Wednesday

Everyone’s going crazy about the Great British Cupcakery

My milkshake bring all the boys to the yard

Meet Freddie Chetwood: Newcastle’s fittest fresher

‘I’m just a regular guy’

Heaton burglar found asleep on couch of the same house he burgled

He was wearing the victim’s jacket

NUBC release teaser photos ahead of their 2016 naked calendar

Dat ass

Why is everyone at OuT so beautiful?

Literally all 10/10’s

Christian Union are delivering free toasties to your door TONIGHT

We heart CU

The Tab Newcastle is looking for new editors

We’re looking for reporters too

Burger guzzling fourth year is taking part in the Breaking Baddass BBQ Challenge

She can eat a 24oz burger in under 10 minutes

Motion passed to stop offensive costumes at Throwback and all NUSU events

Only 55% voted in favour

Nexus announces they will fix smelly Metro station on Monday

Now we know why it stank

Jesmond Metro smells appalling – and nobody knows why

One girl said it smelt like ‘Heinz tomato soup’

My life as a dentistry student and female bodybuilder

Big muscles on campus

Newcastle ranks 23rd in The Times Good University Guide

We’re joint 23rd with the University of Kent

Steve McClaren’s son is coming to Newcastle

He joked his dad took the Newcastle United job to keep an eye on him

What was the last thing you had in your mouth?

Never knew there were chocolate Twisters

Labour leadership candidate plans to scrap our tuition fees

It’ll cost £10billion

The weirdest ways to nail down a summer body

One of them only eats watermelon

What would you rate yourself out of 10?


Nan and Grandad are forking out £146 a month to cover our uni expenses

They’re nearly paying as much as our parents