Why you should write for The Tab Leicester this term

What are you waiting for?

We had over 130,000 views on our profile last semester – and we want you to come and write for us.

Let’s put this into perspective. You’re procrastinating, right now in fact, and how exactly are you doing so?

By reading The Tab.

You can even claim it as “extra reading” or “current events” – The Tab Leicester covers a variety of features from relevant news about medical students being thrown off their course after impersonating Liam Neeson, to general gossip about the Rugby team’s shameless shenanigans.


What makes our stories so great is that they’re relevant to Leicester Uni, and we’re not afraid to let DMU know it.  Written by our own students, we know what you want to read – and we want you to join us in making our articles even beefier.

Interested in breaking news? Check out our coverage of the University’s bid to help displaced refugees settle into the UK, or the sanctions of McDonalds in the city centre.

Perhaps you have an eye for detail and fancy having a go at selecting those photogenic clubbers of the week, or can spot a damn fine coat when you see one. If fashion is your speciality, our weekly campus style feature is your blank canvas.

We have more readers than this guy has chest hair

Are you a bit more of a social animal? Why not have a look at our revealing interviews with the sports teams on campus, our reviews of nights out or our quality time with drunk clubbers.

Got a story? We’re there

We cover everything. If it’s experience you want, or an experience you want to write about, The Tab Leicester is something to be a part of.

Click here to sign up, or come along to our open meeting in the Union next Wednesday to learn more.

Photography credit to Rockstar Promotions (LetsDisko and Shabang!) and Ron Sangal.