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Nat Campbell
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Food or sex? We asked millennials which they’d choose

A new report says 18-24 year olds prefer dinner to sex

Meet Alicia Blagg, the 19-year-old from Leeds diving for Gold in Rio

She trains for 22 hours a week

Computer Science student used his loan to try and join ISIS

Police said student finance made him “financially able” to buy terrorist equipment

The rise of statusbombing

Boys are liking friendship statuses with girls to embarrass their mates

York is the most sociable city in the UK

According to the Natwest Student Living Index 2016

Revealed: All the drugs seized from SGP this weekend

It’s double from last year’s festival

We asked people what they’re most insecure about

You’re insecure, don’t know what for

Modafinil is no more effective than caffeine and naps, say scientists

It doesn’t actually improve your brain power

Fresher who created petition to preserve Erasmus scheme already has over 11k signatures

The future of the international programme is in jeopardy due to Brexit

Leicester in the top one per cent of universities on Earth for education

We beat LSE, St Andrews, Warwick and Bath

Leicester voted to Remain in the EU referendum

A positive outcome for one of the most diverse cities in the UK

Memorial to be held at Leicester Town Hall tonight to honour Orlando victims

The event is called ‘Leicester stands with Orlando’

Leicester’s BNOC of the Year: THE WINNER

He’s kind of a big deal

Leicester’s BNOC of the year: THE FINAL

Here are the most popular people on campus

Leicester’s BNOC of the year: Round 2

Hollywood or Leicester campus?

Leicester’s BNOC of the year: Round 1

The people who work hard AND play hard

Leicester beats De Montfort again in rankings – and no one is surprised

NTU, Derby and Plymouth eat dust as Leicester beats them once again

An estimated 240,000 people turned out to yesterday’s victory parade

See pictures of the sun-soaked celebrations of the Victoria Park Festival

‘Vardy Tower’: Campus buildings to be renamed after Foxes

Alongside victory parade celebrations

Leicester’s BNOC of the Year: Nominations are now open

Who will be crowned Leicester’s BNOC for 2016?

A&E visits have DOUBLED in Leicester since premier league win

Leicester got boozy and ballsy

‘David Gest Is Not Dead But Alive With Soul’ tour ‘may’ be cancelled

The late David Gest was due to make an appearance at De Montfort Hall in July

Clubbers of the week: Varsity afterparty

You’re all players at Varsity

Leicester is the 82nd best university in Europe

And we’re proud

TabTV: Football team take on the dizzy penalty challenge

Unlike the rugby team, no tears were shed over muddy trainers

Female academics at Leicester are paid almost £10,000 less than male counterparts

Leicester recently announced a HeForShe partnership

TabTV: Watch American Football and Rugby battle it out for ‘strongest team’

Look at those muscles

The real party is in the O2 smoking area

Let’s take these VKs outside

Worst walk of shame? Leicester cheerleaders reveal all

Only one of them is dating an American Footballer

Cockblocks, creepers and Casanovas: Clubbers of the week

Were you spotted this week?

Clarendon or Evington? What the road you live on says about you

Sucks to be you if you live on Severn Street

Socials, tour stories and ‘swimcest’: The swim team reveals all

Tight, bright and turnt up

Here are Leicester’s clubbers of the week

Week two, we haven’t forgotten you

BMOC of the week

It stands for Brand Manager On Campus

Clubbers of the week: Term two, Refreshers’ flu and you

Drinking away your post-exam sorrow, even with your 9am tomorrow

Bradley from S Club afterpartied with Leicester students on Saturday

Ain’t no party like an S Club party

Tring is the best hometown of them all

It’s the jewel in the crown of the Home Counties

Students furious after missing out on tickets for David Attenborough lecture

It’s a dark day for Leicester

David Attenborough is coming to campus

He’s even delivering a lecture

Why you should write for The Tab Leicester this term

What are you waiting for?

Leicester is the fittest city in the UK

Do you even lift?

Leicester finalist allowed to stay on course after pleading guilty to sex crime

Sentenced to community service but still allowed to graduate

Festive fever, mistletoe makeouts and sultry sign-holds: Clubbers of the week

You’re probably all getting coal

Leicester Uni has spent £148,000 on artwork in the last five years

So we went and found the worst pieces

Leicester Uni is offering free English Language lessons to refugees

It’s to make it easier for them to get used to the UK

Clubbers of the week: Denim vests, sign nibbles and soap stars

Ballers, brawlers and wall to wallers

Pars, public breastfeeding and awful chat: Yik Yaks of the week

We watched you Yik, we watched you YakYak

What’s the worst thing about Leicester uni?

We all have those pet hates

DMU’s Students’ Union president has been suspended

An official reason hasn’t been given

Exclusive sneak peak of the Medic Rugby team’s naked calendar

January, February, butts and balls

Are you Leicester’s fittest fresher?

The search is on

Clubbers of the week

More chest hair than you can handle

Yik Yaks of the week

An insight into the minds of you bright students

There have been 24 instances of sexual assault in Leicester this year

None of them were men

Campus style: Storm Barney edition

We were blown away by some snazzy specs

French third years organise vigil tonight to remember victims of Paris attack

A memorial ceremony is to take place at the Clock Tower at 6pm

Freemen’s Common is the most underrated halls in Leicester

You didn’t just sign up for a BA in Politics, you signed up for a Masters in street cred

The best of Leicester Yik Yak

Getting a 2:1 and 70 up-votes

We asked smashed clubbers to draw their perfect partner

‘He needs to have a big… smile’

Campus style: Miserable weather edition

The season of snug

Halloween clubbers of the week

There was more than just fake blood

The staple experience of every veteran O2 goer

VKs, VKs everywhere

We’re all going to take mandatory ‘anti-lad’ classes

Both lads and lasses will be forced to attend workshops

I spiralised all my food for a week

Style over substance