Valentines Day climate strike: All love to Mother Earth

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Meet the local team

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University of Leicester rape survivor runs for SU Wellbeing Officer

Changing the rhetoric from a rape victim to a force for change. #Karli4Wellbeing

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The Leicester lad who biked to Australia

Post-trip flashbacks with Ben Leo Hollis on his big solo journey, joys of spreading awareness, and the kindness of strangers.

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How to cope with IBS at university

It’s painful, embarrassing and unpredictable

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We should shout from the rooftops that Bob Mortimer once attended The University of Leicester

Leicester’s greatest honour

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Dear O2 Academy Leicester: You are godawful, but please never change

A glorious necessary evil

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‘Hitler wanted my kind alive’: White t-shirt socials BANNED at Leicester University due to offensive writing

Another student was branded with ‘I’m a Nazi’

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The Leicester Tab is back and we want YOU!

Fancy writing for us?

Porter at Leicester Uni prevents suicide after finding student’s suicide note

The note was found in halls

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A DMU student who was allegedly racially abused has now been suspended from the university

The complaint was made by the two girls who allegedly racially abused her

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What has been done about Leicester’s gender pay gap?

What’s £9000 between colleagues?