Connor Kenyon

Connor Kenyon
Leicester University


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A DMU student who was allegedly racially abused has now been suspended from the university

The complaint was made by the two girls who allegedly racially abused her

University of Leicester students have occupied uni offices as protests escalate

They have set up right outside the Vice Chancellor’s office and are planning to stay the night

Hundreds of students join ‘sit-in’ to protest dispute over lecturers’ pensions

#RatherBeInLectures signs could be seen all over the University of Leicester

Recent appointment of new Chancellor causes outrage amongst University of Leicester students

He voted to raise tuition fees back in 2010

University of Leicester lecturers set to go on strike for two weeks

When can I ask for my money back

Leicester student kicked out for ‘Taken’ style threat loses appeal to rejoin uni

Ravindu Thilakawardhana was expelled after issuing the threat to a fellow student

The lies we all tell in the process of writing an essay

Sitting in the library watching Netflix doesn’t count as work

If you’re not going to drink VKs, don’t bother coming out

We can’t lie to ourselves anymore, it should be the only drink allowed at the Leicester SU.

The questions vegetarians are tired of having to answer at uni

Linda McCartney is the best thing to come out of the Beatles

The Dry Dock is being demolished

This is not a drill

The five steps to a great night out in Leicester

Tequila and vodka is what is required, not fruity cider

Claudio Ranieri – you will be missed

Jamie Vardy’s party has officially ended

Everything Leicester students will experience in their first house

Friendships will be tested and overdrafts will be rinsed

Batchwood is the club you can’t stop going back to, no matter how hard you try

Why is there astroturf in the smoking area?