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A DMU student who was allegedly racially abused has now been suspended from the university

The complaint was made by the two girls who allegedly racially abused her

Elizabeth Sawyerr, a second year student at De Montfort University, has been suspended from the university and banned from campus after a complaint of "violent and abusive behaviour" was allegedly made against her by the students she claims racially abused her back in February.

Whilst Elizabeth has denied all accusations of such behaviour, the university said, in a letter to the student that it was concerned by "the potential for Elizabeth to use violence" after the alleged threats had been made. The university has also said she will remain suspended until an internal investigation has been carried out.

In February of this year, Elizabeth claims she was racially abused by two students that had invited her on a night out. They proceeded to sing songs involving racial slurs and lynching and the victim said that the slurs were then repeated to her whilst she was on campus.

The university released a statement on the 16th March saying: "The university will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying of any kind.

"We are in regular contact with all involved and will continue to offer them our full support".

In the full statement, the university fails to release any details of the complaint made or the investigation itself, it maintains that it followed a "due and fair" process.

The full statement sent out by the university via Twitter can be read below.