Stop everything because you no longer have to queue in Wetherspoons

The Wetherspoon gods have answered our prayers

A student has died in Oadby Student Village

It happened last night

Drake cancelled his Republic afterparty and went to the Co-op instead

Tbf I’d have done the same

Stop everything because Stormzy is coming to Leicester

Leicester must be cool if Stormzy is visiting, right? That’s how it works, right?

Leicester uni is raising higher education aspirations for disadvantaged young people

Elite but not Elitist

Leicester’s Reclaim the Night is back, and we need it more than ever

The march will protest and raise awareness of gender inequality, sexual abuse, and violence

My hometown Lewes burnt effigies of Donald Trump

Build that bonfire

Leicester students stand up for LGBTQ+ at Pride March

Here are some of the faces from today’s Pride March

Here’s what you need to know about UOL’s Pride Week

Expect sports, rainbows and running

Leicester’s SU is giving away tampons for free

See ya later tampon tax

Flyers addressing unequal female pay have appeared on Leicester’s campus

They are aimed at President and Vice Chancellor Paul Boyle #allforpaul

Leicester is remaining in the NUS

68.8 per cent voted to remain affiliated with the National Union of Students

‘Killer clowns’ spotted in Leicester

Oh god

Leicester is the 32nd best uni in the UK

We beat DMU

Leicester is the ninth best uni in the UK at dealing with mental health

York is the worst

One in 25 students at Leicester University are likely to be a victim of crime

A lot less likely to be a victim than students from De Montfort University

Leicester students study the least in the UK

What is this place you call the library?

Leicester in the top one per cent of universities on Earth for education

We beat LSE, St Andrews, Warwick and Bath

Leicester honouring the man who pushed through the £9k fees

Elite whilst being Elitist