Leicester student kicked out for ‘Taken’ style threat loses appeal to rejoin uni

Ravindu Thilakawardhana was expelled after issuing the threat to a fellow student

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A former medical student at the University of Leicester, who was kicked off of his course after quoting the famous Liam Neeson line to another student, lost his appeal to rejoin his course last Friday.

The famous quote "I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you" was posted online by Mr Thilakawardhana after a revealing photo of a female friend was distributed around social media in October 2013.

Although the threat at the time was deemed humorous by some, the recipient of the threat complained to the university who later expelled Thilakawardhana from his medical course. The police took no further action on the matter.

The incident reached the Court of Appeal in London last Friday, where Mr Thilakawardhana's request to continue his studies at the university was denied.

Lord Justice Gross, who presided over the case, deemed that the former students actions were "unacceptable" and highlighted that he was "unfit to practice medicine". The court also heard that the other student involved in the case had been left in "real and justified fear".

Whilst Mr Thilakawardhana admitted serious misconduct and has since apologised, his legal team stated that the punishment was "disproportionate" considering this was an isolated incident.

The University of Leicester issued a statement on the matter over the weekend which stated "The University of Leicester was doing its duty in meeting the GMC’s requirement only to allow medical students to graduate if they are fit to practise medicine".