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Recent appointment of new Chancellor causes outrage amongst University of Leicester students

He voted to raise tuition fees back in 2010

David Willetts, the former Conservative MP who voted to raise tuition fees to the maximum of £9000 back in 2010, has recently been confirmed as the new Chancellor for the University of Leicester.

A petition has been created in response to the appointment also, calling for it to be reconsidered. As of writing, the petition has nearly 2,000 signatures and counting.

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An honorary graduate from the University, Willetts will take over as Chancellor this July and serve as acting chancellor until that time. Welcoming the announcement, Dr Bridget Towle, chair of the University council, stated "He is incredibly positive about the role that universities can play in our modern society and is a strong advocate for the sector. He also brings his strong political experience to the role".

However, his confirmation has led to anger amongst the students here at the uni. Aside from his vote to raise tuition fees, which over the past few years has been linked to a 28 per cent increase in students seeking counselling.

Willetts has also previously blamed feminism over lack of jobs for working men, saying that feminism was probably the "single biggest factor" for the lack of social mobility in Britain. Many at the university have highlighted these beliefs directly contradict the HeForShe values the University holds dear.

Many at the University, including the President of the Student Union Amy Moran, have expressed their disappointment over the decision. Hannah Forester, a third year student at the uni, wrote "Our new Chancellor is openly anti-feminist and was involved in the university fee increase, I would argue he is unsuitable for this role and an insult to the students".