Leicester’s Reclaim the Night is back, and we need it more than ever

The march will protest and raise awareness of gender inequality, sexual abuse, and violence

After the success of last year’s Reclaim the Night, the University of Leicester Feminist Society is holding their second event today.

The march will start at the clock tower in Leicester town centre at 6pm and will finish at the War Memorial in Vicky park, where a vigil will be held for those affected by sexual violence.

The march will raise awareness of gender inequality, sexual abuse, and violence.



After a decisive 2016 where women and minorities feel more at threat than ever, this march is crucial. Vice President of the University Feminist Society Beth said RTN was needed “Because our society still seeks to brush cases of sexual violence under the rug, and its up to us to make that those voices are heard.”

FemSoc member Arva also told The Tab how just yesterday her friend was victimised in an incident, proving why we need the march: “Someone I know was walking along part of the RTN route when they were followed and verbally harassed by a guy completely unknown to her.”

Harriet Smailes, the University’s Wellbeing Officer said: “Socities like Femsoc and events like Reclaim the Night show students that everyone should join together and support each other to feel safe in our own space.

“All students have the right to feel and be safe in their hometown and University.”

RTN means the university and wider community can show solidarity with those affected by sexual violence and raise awareness of the dangers of walking alone at night.


Preview of tomorrow’s badass signs

A spokesperson for the University of Leicester said: “We welcome initiatives that raise awareness of gender equality and violence against women. Our Standing Together campaign developed with the Students Union and with local agencies aims to improve the safety and security of our community.

“As part of our HeForShe commitment we are focused on addressing gender-based violence to further safeguard our students and staff.”

The march should push the university into more divisive action on sexual violence and the dangers of walking home alone.

The Tab will be on the march to speak to Leicester students committed to the RCT aims. We’ll see you there to help #reclaimthenight