We asked smashed clubbers to draw their perfect partner

‘He needs to have a big… smile’


Nights are getting colder, the pressures of mistletoe are dawning… the closest you have to a loving companion is your reliable and spoonable hot water bottle. Netflix and certainly not ‘chill’.

We asked some drunk students in the O2 smoking area to draw their ideal lovers.

Words of sobering advice: Don’t quit your degree for Art.

Becca, second year, History & Politics


Lucy, second year, Sociology

The realist

Dan, third year, Management

Permanently windswept?

Dom and Jordan, both third year, History & Financial Management

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Nick, fourth year, Management

Baby got front

Jenny, second year, Psychology


Rippling abs

Alexandra, second year, Politics

A match made in heaven

Essentials: blimp penis

Ella, second year, Physics

The focus

Can’t wait to take him home to mum and dad

Missed leg day