Leicester Uni is offering free English Language lessons to refugees

It’s to make it easier for them to get used to the UK

In a bid to help displaced refugees settle into the UK, Leicester University has announced that it will be offering free English lessons to Syrian refugees

The University of Leicester’s English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) has offered its support to the Leicester City of Sanctuary, a collection of 40 groups, who have been working towards building a  “culture of welcome and inclusion” for the refugees seeking shelter in the UK.

In a press release issued by the university, Philip Horspool, the director of Leicester’s ELTU, said: “Leicester has for a long time been a city that welcomes refugees and with the current situation in Europe is likely to welcome increased numbers in the coming months and years.

“Language is one of the many challenges that face those who leave their own country and in the ELTU we have the expertise and the desire to help those whose first language is not English.”

He then added that the initiative should be something taken up by other institutions: “I believe that helping those in the local community who need support is something that universities ought to do and I’m delighted that in a small way we can offer our expertise and facilities to Leicester City of Sanctuary.”

The lessons will be run at Readson House, 96-98 Regent Road, where the first two-hour classes took place on Thursday 5th November. The press release informed that they will run on a weekly bases, offering support in a region of 100 refugees. Additional support will also be offered in sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Commenting on the prospections for the initiative, Philip Horspool added: “We hope that this support will expand and that this will have a positive impact on the lives of those who are living through a difficult period in their lives.  The support from my own staff and senior leaders in the University of Leicester has been key in helping us to do this.”