Annabelle Penhaligon
Annabelle Penhaligon

Deputy Editor at The Tab Birmingham.

The first black Miss GB is a former University of Birmingham student

She’s the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Great Britain in the competition’s 66 year history

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They’re just friends who kiss!!

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Flash flooding hits Selly and Tiverton Road has been submerged

Roads have been closed and buses evacuated

BNOC Final – The Final Three

You’ve voted in your thousands, but who will be your UoB BNOC of the year?

Two teenage boys arrested after Monday night Selly muggings

The incidents took place on Monday night on Dawlish Road

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The battle for BNOC of the year continues

ASOS have launched same day delivery in Birmingham and I am ready to explore the bottom of my overdraft

Goodbye student loan

Dear creepy guys who follow girls home in Selly: We’re not going to fuck you

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Nominations for Birmingham’s BNOC of the year are now open

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They’re now selling £2 prosecco at Joe’s!

Our prayers have been answered

The University of Birmingham reveals 23 per cent gender pay gap

That’s just shameful

Has anyone ever thought how stupid it is that our £44 million library can only seat 2,000 out of 30,000 students?

The VC thinks it’s a vast improvement

I deleted all social media for a week and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

How will my fans cope?

There are many reasons why 9am lectures are a blessing in disguise, let me tell you why

Hear me out.

Girls who wear a coat to the club are making a mistake

If this is you, take a seat

All the things they don’t tell you about living in a 10 person flat

You can’t even fit everyone’s names on the Chunder Chart