Annabelle Penhaligon
Deputy Editor at The Birmingham Tab

The Sun has revealed men’s biggest turn offs and it’s the worst thing you’ll ever read

Apparently talking about football is a no-no

The real love story in Fleabag isn’t about the priest, but the two sisters

Seriously, think about it

UoB advice warns staff and PhD students on Dubai campus they face arrest if discovered to be trans

The university’s Rainbow Network produced a document for PhD students and staff on the Dubai campus

Why every girl should be watching Fleabag

‘Angry, pervy, outrageous and hilarious’ is how she, and we, are described

‘What we were given instead was an utter farce’: Students respond to Vice Chancellor dodging their questions at Question Time

Top Guild Officers responded to students disheartened by the VC’s answers

Anna Barry is UoB’s Hottest Single!

The third year English Lit student smashed the final with 40% of the votes

UoB’s Hottest Single: It’s the FINAL

You’ve voted in your thousands, and here are your three fit finalists

UoB student asked to ‘cover up’ and threatened with removal from aircraft by staff on a flight to Tenerife

Emily O’Connor received abuse from a fellow passenger when she refused to put a jacket on

Vote in UoB’s Hottest Single: Heat two

They’re back and fit as ever

Students reunited with stolen sofa from Dawlish Road garden

‘We were pretty attached to this sofa at this point’

Brow bars and dining experiences: Everything you can expect from the world’s biggest Primark, opening in Birmingham this spring

It’s set to open on the 11th April

These UoB girls are starting a Pro-Choice group after the Guild approved a Pro-Life society

The group has been set up by students in retaliation to the Guild’s decision

Meet Beat: The UoB students saying ‘sock it’ to eating disorders

They have events going on throughout the week to raise awareness about and provide support for people with eating disorders.

How to celebrate Galentine’s Day in Brum

Romance is dead and your gal pals are here for its funeral x

A petition to put lights around Whiteknights lake has over 7,000 signatures after Daniel Williams went missing

A body was found on Tuesday

Over 65k people sign petition to ban Warwick uni group chat boys from campus

The petition has only been up for five days

University of Birmingham revealed to be the Russell Group Uni issuing the most unconditional offers

Almost a fifth of offers made are unconditional

Meet Love, Joe Goldberg’s new love obsession in the second season of Netflix’s You

The character’s name is called ‘Love’

Confirmed: You CAN take the pill back to back with no health risks

Basically, you don’t ever have to have a period if you don’t want to

UoB celebrates opening of Green Heart with Instagram of multiple old white men

Check out that diversity