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Over 65k people sign petition to ban Warwick uni group chat boys from campus

The petition has only been up for five days

A petition set up to ban the members of the Warwick group chat from returning to the University of Warwick has now gained over 67,000 signatures.

The petition, set up by University of Warwick student Lucy Mooring, calls on Vice Chancellor Stuart Croft to reinstate the stricter consequences on the students.

As a female student on campus, Lucy stated she was "outraged and upset that my safety on campus is being disregarded for the future of privileged students".

Two of the members of the group chat

The university has come under fire in the past week for allowing the students to return to their studies, reducing their initial bans from ten years to one year.

Many departments, including English, Classics, and Politics, have come out against the university's response.

The Head of the English Department stated: "Staff and students in my department are united in our shock and disgust at this decision. We wish to express strong and renewed support for those students harmed by these posts, abhorrence of the contents of the posts, and a deep concern about the decision to reduce the term of suspension."

There has been national outrage following both the reveal of a second group chat in which some of the members showed no remorse for their actions, and the reduction of the sentences for the students.

The hashtag #shameonyouwarwick has been trending on Twitter, and many Warwick alumni have come out against the uni's decision.

You can sign the petition here. A protest march has been organised by Warwick students will take place on the 6th February, and you can read about it here.

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