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Flash flooding hits Selly and Tiverton Road has been submerged

Roads have been closed and buses evacuated

Areas in and around Selly Oak have been hit by flash flooding following thunderstorms this afternoon.

The M5 has been closed along with Pershore Road, Harborne High Street, and Bristol Road, with cars being stranded on Tiverton Road due to rising water levels.

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Photo credit: Jamie Roles

Edgbaston has recorded 60mm of rain in an hour, says the Environment Agency. On Pershore Road passengers were rescued from a double decker bus after it was stranded, with reports of water being 5ft deep.

Cars are being urged to move as they are being internally flooded, and the Mechanical Engineering and Physics West buildings have been flooded, as well as the exit to Pritchatts Park being blocked by a fallen tree. The sports centre is remaining closed until further notice due to the closure of Bristol Road. Ubers are unable to travel between Selly and the city centre along the main route due to road closures and several accidents.

Students have been making light of the situation, however, opting to don swimming costumes and umbrellas and using Tiverton and Hubert Roads and their back gardens as a lake.

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Photo credit: Kirsty Scott

Header image: Jess Thorne